Another Note in The Garden - Balisong's POVMature

When we reached the garden, I smiled. There was a glass table, with a black umbrella above it, and four grey chairs. There were weeds everywhere, but if they were gotten rid of, it would have been beautiful. A note was tapped to the table. I picked it up, and dropped into one of the seats, as did Nightshade.

"Balisong and Nightshade. I do have conditions for letting you stay here." I began.

"I knew it!" Nightshade exclaimed. I rolled my eyes, and continued.

"Every so often, I shall send you a list of names. The names of the people will be those of people you either need to save or kill. There will also be other small tasks that I will ask you to do. As long as you follow my orders, then I shall continue to allow you to stay here, and provide for you. I shall provie you with transport, and any equimptment you will need to fulfil your duties. Signed, Ripper." I finished. I leaned back in my chair, folded the letter, and put it in my pocket.

"Kill? Save? This is weird. You think we should?" Nightshade asked. I nodded. She nodded too. I stretched.

"Let's go for a walk. My heads aching." I mumbled. Nighthade laughed, and nodded. We went through the house. We opened the front door, and our mouths dropped. Two gorgeous motorbikes sat out front, along with two helmets. We approuched them, in awe. Both were polished to perfection.

One was silver, and on the seat was a helmet to match. It looked like it had cat ears on. Under the helmet, a black leather jacket lay on the seat. Nightshade was written in bold, black lettering on the left side of the bike.

The other was black, with a helmet to match. The helmet was like any other, but on the bike, Balisong was there in curvy silver lettering, on the left side. A jacket lay on the seat, just like Nightshade's. The two of us looked at each other, gobsmacked.

"Oh. My. God." I breathed.

"Never thought I'd say this in my life. Thank you, Jack The Ripper!" Nightshade laughed.

The End

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