Worries - Balisong's POVMature

I bit my cheek. I too had been thinking about this. It was obvious my the gift of rooms that the house wanted up to stay, but become like him?

I had never considered murdering anyone. It was wrong. To rob the life of a person, that would give you a one way ticket to Hell.

"Perhaps we could ask him? I mean, I don't really think he wants us to. He would have told us in the first or second letters, wouldn't he? You know, like conditions for staying here?"

"Hmm, perhaps. But still, Song, he is no doubt history's most mysterious killer. He was never caught, never identified. Even now, he's made it so nobody could find his remains."

"Maybe he'll leave us another note, explaining more." I sighed. Nightshade nodded. I stood. "Well, for the time being, why don't we go in the garden? I haven't seen it yet." Nightshade shrugged, and followed me as i ran from my room, laughing like a young child.

The End

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