nightshade POVMature

i heard her playing from my room, so i knew there must be a violin in her room. i stood and walked to her new domain, and knocked the door. the playing stopped and the patter of feet was heard, Song opened the door, i looked around her room and smiled, yep this was her style.

"so like your room?" Song asked.

"yep its awesome! roses on the walls, and everything." i smiled but she could tell something was wrong with me.

"sit, we need to talk."she stated,  it was an order, so i followed it.

"now talk, whats wrong?" she asked as i sat on her bed. i hated small chairs, so beds suited me best, that must be why my room had none. she sat next to me, and looked serious.

"i don't know...its just that...what are we gonna do here? whats the point? are we gonna be killer, like him!" i asked, it had been on my mind as soon as we heard the first letter, i didn't want to be like jack the ripper.

so what did we do?

The End

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