My Room - Balisong's POVMature

I placed my hand on the dark wooden door, and pushed down on the bronze handle, letting myself in. My room was perfect.

The walls were a pure, bright white, and the floor was made up of large black and white, tiles, like a chessboard. The double bed was in the corner. It had blindingly white covers and pillows on it, with a couple of red cushions. The curtains were flowing red ones. A bedside table sat next to this.

Beside the table, there was a book case, with six shelves, filled with books, a waradrobe, and another door, most likely leading to another bathroom. There was also a small white armchair, with a black and red cushion sitting in it. A lamp sat by this. On the seat was a black case.

I opened it, and smiled. A dark, cherrywood violin and bow sat within. Taking them out, I rested the violin against my neck. I gave a few notes, checking it was in tune, before putting it back in its case. I looked around the room again.

"Thank you. I'm Balisong, by the way." I whispered to the house. I stood, and stretched. I wondered what Nightshade's room was like. I took the violin to my bed, took off my shoes, and sat down. Taking the lovely instument out, I began to play, wondering if the house could hear me.

The End

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