the house, nightshades POVMature

we both decided to look at the ground floor first, the room we stood in now was the main hall, as i said before the pale wall were beautiful, but still dusty, what i didn't mention before was that the room was empty except for the table, it was beautiful, but a table and a few paintings made it boring in our investigation.

we walked to our left, there were 3 doors on this side, we opened the closest, it was empty, completely empty, the walls were unpainted, the ground was made of rough floor boards, and not an item stood in the room, we looked in disappointment.

 "why the hell is it empty! i was expecting a surprise in each room but this is stupid! " shouted Song, i sighed, and tried to calm her down it was one of the reasons we'd became friends, i could reason with her and live.

"its been abandoned song, what did you expect, plus its so big, theres bound to be an empty room or two," i reasoned, she looked annoyed but nodded to say she understood. i pulled her to the next door hoping that this one wasn't bare like the other, we opened the door and stared in amazement.

it was the kitchen, but it was huge, the sides were made of dark wood, and carried various cooking items, it was packed, and ready to burst with strange cooking items, the thing that made us confused however, was that there were newer items as well, such as an iron, defiantly from this century, and a gas cooker.

"how did this stuff get here, with all the dust, it must of been here for years, but these are new." i asked not wanting an answer really, song knew that and shrugged, as if to say, don't ask me.

we checked the rest of the first floor, next to the kitchen lay a grand dinning hall, by hall we mean it, it looked like the kind of thing you see in old movies about royalty. on the other side of the house, was a lounge, it again had things that didn't belong there, a stereo, t.v and computer sat here, but we just accepted it. my favourite room was the library, it was a large room filled wit books, the selection thrilled us, as we were both avid readers, from Shakespeare to j.k rowling, novels to comics, whatever we could want was here.

we climbed the stairs next to see the other floor, it  a beautiful structure, that made song particularly happy.

the next floor was a disappointment, it had in  it a total of 8 empty rooms, well not empty, but all they held was exactly the same thing, a double bed, closet and wardrobe, all coloured white. the only other thing it held was 2 bathrooms, large ones, almost like the ones at a boarding school, defiantly meant for a group of people, one was coloured a pale pink, the other in baby blue, we took this to mean girls room and boys room.

"lets go back downstairs, theres nothing up here." i said, moving to the stair case.

"yes there is Night, look that door there!" Song pointed to a small plain door.

"th-that wasn't there before, i swear!" i stammered, it hadn't been i'm sure it hadn't.

"it must of been so lets go look," was Balisong's reply before opening the door.

"its a another staircase!" she yelled before running up them, i followed, feeling the same excitement she did, a small flight of stairs always leads to excitement.

the room that it led to was a lot like the main hall all the way below, again there was only a table, and again lay a letter, this time i was the one to read it first, i red it out loud for Song to hear it;

"to who this may concern, since i am now the house, i will call the house me and, i the house. i am not an ordinary house, i will change to suit your needs and desires, that is to say, if you are in no need of a room then it will be bare, however if one day you do need it, you will soon find it in me, i know who is reading this note now, one of two girls-"

"wait, how did they know that!" song yelled, even i had to admit it was creepy, but i just said,

"quiet girl, let me finish." and reread the sentence i was on

"i know who is reading this one of two girls, i can tell as you are now within me i may send you the odd note if anything i know is needed by you, i decided as you are the first to enter me, that i would give you a gift, the last room's on either side are specially made for you both the reader's is to the left, the other's is to the right, think of it as my welcoming gift to you, please be safe and happy here, yours and ours only, 

ripper "

"rooms? weird gift." i said, frowning, but then we both smiled.

"lets go!" w both ran to our respective rooms, wondering what we'd find.

i opened the door and stared in amazement. the walls were black, but not just plain black, the dark shade was a background, for vibrant roses, of all shades, painted onto the walls  matching the dark green carpets, the bed was a four poster, the sheets were dark blue, and all the furniture was made of dark wood. the window showed a beautiful garden,well it would of been if not for the weeds. i smiled as  lay on my new bed, and wondered what Balisong's was like.


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The End

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