Nightshade's POVMature


nightshade sighed, she knew that Balisong already knew the answer, where one went the other followed, it was their code, an unbroken rule, a pact they always kept no matter what. She smiled and said the only thing she could.

“I’m coming, I’m coming, Song,” I followed Song up the pathway, she got annoyed if a called her Bal, so it was Song, for her it was Nightshade or Night, since i hated my first name.

We walked up to the door the house was large and old, I wanted to run, but the thing was I wasn't sure where to, I thought I wanted to go away from the building, but I couldn't help but fell attracted to it. We stood in front of the house.

“well come on Night, knock on the door,” why me?

“OK, I’m gonna.” I knocked on the door.

 It opened at my first knock, the room we saw was dusty, it would be beautiful if not for the dust that covered it, the walls were cream, and matched the red carpet , there was a grand staircase that led onto the next floor, and soft pictures on the walls. In the middle of the room was a table made of dark wood it was the only thing not covered in dust, on it were 3 things, firstly were 2 keys, one was small and delicate, it looked so breakable, I was scared to be near it, the other was thicker and darker, at the top was a flower, both were silver, and shone brightly. The last item on the table was a letter, we looked at each other, we weren’t telepathic, we couldn't read each others minds, but we knew what the other was thinking. 

Lets open it.... Balisong, reached for the letter.

The End

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