Balisong - Me, Nightshade And The HouseMature

I smiled at my best friend, as we walked down the street together. She smiled back, giving a laugh. The two of us, We're sort of odd. I mean, it's not everyday you meet a couple of people called Balisong and Nightshade.

Well, actually, her name was Belladonna Nightshade, but she hates me calling her that. Nightshade kind of looks a little dead, but then again, so do I. she's really pretty though.

She's 16, a year older than me. She had white, literally white hair, which she always keeps up in two pigtails on the side of her head, usually held by two thin blue ribbons. She has big, red eyes, that I find amazing. Right now, she's wearing a darkish blue top, with puffy sleeves, and a sort of navy blue dress over it. She looks like a cosplayer wearing it, but it suits her. Despite her being quite short, she had superhuman speed and strength. Also, she had quite good illusion skills. She would have had to. Her true form is a Neko, and she had a white tail and cat ears. She uses illusion to make herself look human. She always carrys a small blade, coated with belladonna poison.

Me, on the other hand, my clothing doesn't suit me whatsoever. They were given to me by an old friend. I have long black hair, that I hate to wear tied up, and blue eyes. I'm only a little taller than Nightshade, but I like this. Currently, I'm wearing a long green dress, that reaches my ankles, some black highheels, and a small black bag. some little green studs sit in my ears, too. In  my bag, I don't carry much. A purse, a phone, and two balisong knives. Like Nightshade, I have powers. I'm half pixie, so I have slightly pointed ears, and I can control dreams and nightmares, and when a person will sleep or awaken.

It was then we stopped. We looked at each other, a little confused. We had just...stopped, for no reason. I looked to my right. There was something about that house. I took Nightshade's arm, and pulled her gently over to it.

"Can you feel that?" I asked, witha slight shudder. I didn't know what I could feel, but it was something. Something big. Beside me, Nightshade nodded. She placed her hand lightly on the brass handle. Without pushing it down, she took it off again, and her mouth dropped open a little.

The door had opened. The lights were off. I grinned at Nightshade, before stepping in. She hesitated.

"You coming?" I asked her, offering out my hand.

The End

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