Guns And DaggersMature

There is a house. This house is possesed, however, and will only open its door to certain people.
The people able to enter are those who are named after weapons, be they knife, gun or anything else. They must also be carrying weapon with them when they wish to enter and exit the house.
The house will provide any food, drink, or extra room the residents may need, but it does not come alive, and there are no physic connection to the house, or the ghost possessing it.

Hello, everyone!

There aren't many rules and stuff, so you can do whatever.

There is a house. It's been possessed by a ghost, or demon, whatever you'd like to call it. It doesn't speak, and the entity is never seen. The house can open and close its doors, and it can supply both food, drink and anything else that may cater to the residents needs. One problem. The house will only open its front door for those wit weapon names, and that weapon on them at the time they open the door. If the name is not that of a weapon, or the weapon is not present, the house will not open its doors, whether you be inside or out.

  • You can be any species, except from giant, they peeve me off. Sorry, giant lovers.
  • You can have ANY power you want, as long as you don't contact the house or the ghost possessing it.
  • Your name must be that of a weapon, and you must be carrying that weapon with you when you enter and exit the house, or it will not let you in or out.
  • You can stay for as long as you like.
  • Please refrain from killing other authors characters without their permission.
  • If the name and weapon are already in use, you must pick another. Eg, Balisong - taken. You may use a different type of knife that this one.
  • You may even have two characters. Eg Amy and Cyanide - the one without a weapon name can transform into a weapon, to be weilded by the other.
  • I've put it as mature, just in case.
  • Please don't be like, an ultimate character, I don't like people with god-complexes, like Light Yagami, the retard.

Anything else...Don't think so. Oh yeah, one more thing!

Have fun!

The End

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