The HeistMature

Ack, I am literally thinking on my feet as I was writing this, it's easy enough to write about a boy from a school, but when the situation becomes thaqt of which you haven't experienced yourself, it becomes harder, hopefully i've read enough stories and played enough games to know what to do when the possibilities are endless, but here's where the action starts anyways. Enjoy.

"Ready, boys?" Asked the tall, blond, beanpole of a man,

"As always, when you are, Kristoph" Said an Identical looking man, minus the spectacles.

"I know you are, mein kleiner bruder."Replied Kristoph

"We're in England, and we're doing this Professionally, so don't call me your little brother, call me Klavier"

"Whatever," Kristoph shrugged the comment off, "Anyone else want to complain, or are they ready, "

Five men gave a synced "HOOAH!

"Excellent, the guns are loaded, the plan is set, the men are ready, as well as the rides, when we walk in, we shoot the guards, incapitate, not kill, dammit! And take the money, disable the alarms, slip out the back, and take a few people as insurance, if one of you screws this up, I mean you, Klavier"


The men, of German heritage, climed into the Bulky, armoured van, and headed off to the bank.

Shane was making a deposit on his weekly pay and paper route, the queue was huge, but he'd passed through the crowd, through a simple lie of the My-mums-at-the-front kind, the bank he was in was the Devensys maximum security bank, the increased security was due to a robbery in 1999 on december the 31st, where people believed the world would've ended the day after, they got away with it for the time, but when the clock hit midnight and no-one died from Y2K, The men handed themselves in and got 8 years each, and the bank was lent money by the local government to make it more safe, five robberies since 2001 and not one successfully got one penny before being arrested or shot dead by the police.

Kristoph was a man of simple wants, and simple actions, if he wanted money, he stole it, if he wanted revenge, he killed them, if he wanted women, he took them, behind the nice gentle face of this man, there was a deadly, cold, calculating mastermind, and this little robbery wasn't going to change that, although it was the most ambitious thing he'd ever tried.

Klavier was loyal to his brother but doubted him a bit more then Kristoph would prefer, they were twins, but where Kristoph got pleasure in sheer murder, and crime, Klavier would find it in swimming, dating, drinking, and watching bad movies on TV, and helping his big bro out with whatever, to the death, maybe.

Three other men, Abel, Gerald and Frederick sat in the back of the van.

Abel was a brown haired, muscle man, a true hardened criminal, he offered himself as fall guy to Kristoph seven years earlier to a murder, and stayed behind when the rest of the gang ran off, but only spent two years in prison, due to a mixture of Kristoph bribing and murdering related politicians, and that there was no evidence left to relate Abel to the crime, and he was released on his first appeal, aside from Klavier, he was Kristoph's main man.

Gerald was the only dark-skinned man in Kristoph's gang, with long shaggy black hair, and a goatee which stretched down to his chest, he was Kristophs first friend, and they went back a long way, where he was to be an intended victim of Kristophs muggings, he successfully talked off a cop who saw the mugging, convincing him it was nothing, Kristoph decided he liked the man, who was a good sport, and had a way with words, he then scouted out potential targets, stalked those who Kristoph wanted dead so he knew when to attack them, or rob them, or whatever.

Frederick was a man in his late forties, the oldest man in the group, but also the most experienced, he was Kristoph and Klavier's uncle, who had left Germany at the age of 18 to travel the world, promptly settling down in the US at 20 and becoming an official citezen, eventually gaining a gun license, and fulfilling his dream of owning a gun shop and firing range, he returned to Germany frequently, to visit his little neffes, his nephews. Kristoph saw him as loyal as Klavier, and more skilled in firing then the other team members, and he was able to get any gun a licensed american shopkeep could get in a gun shop, from shotguns to AK47s, Grenades to Dynamite, making him invaluable to the team.

The team parked outside the back of the bank, the fun was about to start and he was going to have the time of his life.

The End

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