Walking and Talking, Teeth PreferredMature

This Chapter is mainly that of speech, this is to convey what I mean when Shane Dennigan is a smooth-talker, or my rendition of one anyway, heh, enjoy.

"Er... Hey Johnny, Leeroy, Jenkins"

"Hahaha, he said Leeroy then Jenkins, like what that guy off World of Warcraft did as part of a meme, remember, LEEROY JENNNNNNKINNNNNS!!, right?"

"Shut up Jenkins, Wows for nerds and socially awkward virgins,"

"I thought it was quite a good reference, if you ask me"

"Jenkins, no one asked, nor does anyone care what you think either. Shane, Nice to meet you, again, after you punched by sister in the boob."

"Err... For the record, I was originally going to headbutt her there, to dump her in a stylish kinda way, that doesn't really make it better does it?"

"It does not, Shane, Unless you got a way to block fists, can you just get on the floor and lay down so we can just get straight down to the stomping and kicking."

"I would ever so much like to do that, but first, has it ever occured to you that it might be too subtle, I never walked into the alley, and that you ran up to me, in the main road, in front of about twenty or so people watching us, and if you were to attack me in a canary t-shirt with canary Trousers, as well as your friends, as your supposed gang colours, and that there was... is two cameras with us in view, I really suggest you back off."

"Would you Be inclined as to walk into the alleyway with us?"


"Ah, so, we'll be more subtle, next time that is."

"Johnny, when you say next time, you always mean next wednesday, like that time you had to resit that maths exam, you asked to do it next time, on wednesday,"

"Shut up, It doesn't mean that at all, Hennigan, simply that I shall get you when i'm more prepared."

The kids backed off, Shane had rather easily talked the group off, through their own stupid mistakes, Johnny was quite intelligent, in the sense that he can think, compared to his two compadres, Leeroy and Jenkins, who had a brain cell between them, but were capable of following orders, so they fit the gap needed for Johnny to feel like a tough gang leader, albeit him not really being that tough, he had the muscle needed to get what he wanted.

'Looks like i'll be walking the long way' Thought Shane.

And So he walked

The End

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