Shane Dennigan of the town of Devensys, A smooth talking class clown who talks as he sees, Hoodlum, maybe, serious criminal, no, but one can delve to far if one wants, and when he gets stuck in a Hostage situation at a Bank Robbery gone wrong, his next moves are critical in keeping a bunch of strangers and himself, from life and death.
When this is noted as mature content, it has minimal swearing later, oh, and murder, guns and the works. No romancy stuff if you aren't really into that kinda

1. Shane

"So they found the diamonds in the cockpit!"

A Large group of  boys, between about 13 to 15 years of age roared with laughter, Shane Dennigan had cracked yet another masterpiece of a joke, which was to be expected of him.

Shane was 14 years old, and a student of Raleigh acadamy in Devensys, England, it was an average school, no where near the top of the offstead report, but not dropping into special measures either, which the head teacher considered a miracle due to the repeated slashings of the school budget, Year 7s Had to sit on the carpet of their class and do their work! Shane was a bit of a loser, in the sense that he tried his hardest, but that does not seem to amount to anything, average marks, average reports, his life was mediocre, at best, but he had a natural talent in his way of words, whether it be in Speaking exams, French, Spanish, English, all in which was well above average in his reports, persuasion, dodging countless detentions due to his rather believable excuses, and his favourite, comedy, the boy was a natural in stand up, regularily winning the talent competitions with his extensive knowledge of the right things to say at the right time.

"Heh, that's all for today guys, gotta keep some for a rainy day, y'know,"

Leaving the crowd, and promptly finishing his History lesson with Mr. Boyd, Shane headed to his locker, and left the school grounds. He headed down the alleyway next to the school, which led directly to the crescant in which he lived, which avoided him having to walk 10 minutes around the school and broadway to get to it.

"I Told you he comes here."                                                    

"Fair enough, I believed you when you said."

"Well, I knew that you knew, I was just restating that you knew what I knew what you knew so you obviously knew that when I told you I knew he came here every day you knew that I knew."

"Wha...? Man, Just shut up before he catches wise."

Three Sixth formers from his school ran towards him. And they weren't here to have a private joke with him.

The End

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