Liuetanant Xavier A. Linton is one of two of the last survivors from what was supposed to be a peace making meeting between the new alien species and the humans. Nothing happened like it was supposed to. Luckily, there's a back-up plan. But, it's going to require five brave souls, and a thousand crucial sacrifices.

"Lieutenant Xavier Linton report to the bridge immediately." Called out a loud voice over the intercom. Lieutenant Linton shook his head and sat up from one of the medical bay's beds he had been sleeping in. He was ordered to be bedridden for three weeks, no acceptions, no disturbances. This had only been week 1 and a half. Must have been a change in plans.

The room was wide and circular, the walls and floor all painted with nothing but white. The room was filled with many different strange machines, instruments and beds. Across the room from the Lieutenant was another room, usually serving the purpose of monitoring and such.
The med bay was unusually empty today, seeing as Lieutenant Linton was the only one there.

"What a pain." He mumbled, as he was climbing out of the warm bed. He quickly changed into his uniform that had been neatly put away inside one of the cabinets. Lieutenant Linton walked out of the med bay doors that slid open, and made his way to the bridge. On the way there, he stopped as he waited for the elevator to arrive. What else could they possibly want from me now, right after I was recovering from my last mission on the planet Linzao? Linton thought to himself as he awaited the arrival of the elevator.
As the doors slid aside, Linton stepped inside the elevator and clicked the button for the next floor. A few moments later, the doors slid open again and Linton walked on through a long entry way onto the bridge.

A man was making his way over to the Lieutenant while holding a black sphere. He was rather tall, and carried many badges over his shoulder. One of which told the Lieutenant that he was the Captain of the ship.

"Sir!" Lieutenant Linton gave a sudden thrust of his hand to his forehead and saluted the Captain. "Lieutenant Xavier A. Linton reporting as requested." He reported to the man.

"At ease, Lieutenant." The Captain replied, and Linton removed his saluted stance.
The Captain cleared his throat, and started to walking through a long passage exiting the bridge. Lieutenant Linton followed behind.

"How long has it been since you were last on Linzao?" Asked the Captain, continuing along the passage.

"A week and a half, sir." Recalled the Lieutenant. The Captain released a sigh.

"Right. Do you remember the events that occured on Linzao at that time, Lieutenant?" The Captain led the Lieutenant to the end of the hallway, stopping at the locked door with the keypad to the right side of it.

"Yes, sir. There was to be a meeting between the aliens and the humans to make peace between the two species.  The aliens ended up going on a killing spree and so my team was sent in." Explained Linton.
Lieutenant Linton remembered the event fairly well. He and his team had suddenly been called to the planet as back-up since they happened to be passing the planet anyways. Linton had visited  the planet once before, it had been the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. It was uninhabited from most forms of living creatures. Yet, there were still the white trees, purple roses, pink  earth, three blue suns and yellow grass. There had also been the strange, new coloured fruits and vegtibles made with colours Linton had never seen before. Two of which, the military had called Fenus and Phosin.

When he arrived on Linzao after receiving a distress signal, things had changed. All the plants had been set aflame, the grass was burnt until there was nothing left, the earth was dug up in places it shouldn't have been and the sky was painted an eternal black.


The End

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