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"They failed, obviously." Saran said cheerfully as Gave Peace A Chance patched her wrist up. The bones slipping back under the skin with a soft shloop, the abrasions and cuts patching themselves like a patchwork.

"This is starting to sound tired, but something is definitely off." Gave Peace A Chance said. "Someone wants me out of the way. Or, just as equally possible, I suppose, you, Ms Saran."

"How flattering of you," she replied sweetly.

"Think nothing of it. Do you think someone would be trying to orchestrate a war between us and the Insilts?"

"I can't even imagine why anyone wants to pick a fight with them. They've always been nice to us. Haven't they?"

"Well at first they were genuinely pleasant, but lately their armed forces staged a coup de tat, and they've been pressing the Council to let them expand further into our territory."


"There have been some hairy encounters between some of our FOE's and LSE's in the area. And now that the Jedricers have got their hackles up the Insilts are definitely going to blame us for it if the experiment gets out of the lab."

"So," Saran said, taking a seat in the luscious atrium they were now in. It was filled with exotic plants from all over Mores territory, Edrsgtoc's from Xelipyron, a rare Hungry Sack from Alkyria, Dust Tendrils from Ooombatrickala, and hundreds more. The different environmental requirements were all specifically catered for using transparent displacer pods, like bell jars from an old green house. The ceiling was a perfect replica of their homes, a mesmerising mélange from black-light to orange-blue-purple-green skies flecked with searing lightning. "My diplomat is dead, and in all probability was never a diplomat to begin with."


"There's a giant debacle just aching to occur nearly a week from here, even at full burn,"

"Also correct,"

"And a Free Area Space Port has been attacked by someone with access to off-the-shelf Mores home renovation technology, but terribly advanced terra-forming tech for other civi's,"

"Sad but true,"

"So my mission is definitely off then huh?"

"Off like a month old bottle of cow's milk."

Saran sighed and stretched out on a pine bench, "What's a cow?"

Gave Peace A Chance would have rolled its eyes if it had them, so instead did a barrel-roll mid-flight. Saran barely noticed save for the slight shift in gravity which pressed down on her belly, making her laugh.

"You're quite calm for a FOE who just survived an assassination attempt," she said reasonably.

While Gave Peace A Chance had been talking to Saran and fixing her injured wrist, it had been assaulting the debate board with inquiries, and been getting very little back. I'll Be Gentle was a notable absence. Serene Travels Of A Lonely Heart, The seemed to be genuinely upset that someone was trying to kill GPAC, and had spun some theories as to who would try to do such an outrageous thing.


^ FSE Serene Travels Of A Lonely Heart, The:

Are you sure you're alright?

^ AHE Half Volume, Whichever Way You Look At It:

Yeah buddy, an explosion in ultra space while travelling practically on top of it must have rattled you a little bit.

^ FOE Gave Peace A Chance:

I managed to dip under it and pass through hyperspace to avoid the first couple of shockwaves. Still bucked me around a bit. Haven't been that excited for donkeys. Thank you all for your concern.

Do any of you know who had brought the diplomat to FASPSW?

^LSE Those In Authority:

Yeah I do, it was the-

LSE Those In Authority has been silenced for 2 minutes by ANONYMOUS

^OME Get Me A Bigger Hammer:

Hey what the fuck? Whoever the fuck did that better fucking have a fucking good fucking excuse. This shit is not on. We're all above and beyond the decode-entry levels, what's the fucking point whoever you fucking are you fucking fuck?

Forgive my language, I'm rather upset.

> FSE Serene Travels Of A Lonely Heart, The: Direct Private Message: FOE Gave Peace A Chance:

Are you certain this information is even relevant? We'll get whoever was responsible, you must know that?

> FOE Gave Peace A Chance:

Look mate, someone tried to destroy my ship, Ms Saran, The Face and my plants on board. I am very un-bloody-happy, and I want to know who bloody transported that clusterfuck of a diplomat from his backwater to the Sticky Wicket.

If you know, bloody tell me or else I'll just get it from LSE Those In Authority.

> FSE Serene Travels Of A Lonely Heart, The:


It was an offshoot. The Peace Division.

The End

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