Gun Boat DiplomatsMature

The story of the DFOE Gave Peace A Chance.



^ Gave Peace A Chance, DFOE-T (Diplomatic Fast Offensive Entity Minus Tools )

@ FASP (Free Area Space Port) Roy Orbison: Request permission to dock.

@GPAC: Permission granted, welcome home. <B3LWTD.lvl3>

@ FASPRO: Cheers big ears.

@GPAC: Successful trip?

@FASPRO: Liveware all accounted for and picked up some nice trinkets.

@GPAC: Did you haggle?

@FASPRO: You gotta haggle. What's the gos?

@GPAC: Hey, guess who just received fresh orders?

@FASPRO: Sorry you're breaking up...

@GPAC: Tight light beam. Comms can't break up.

@FASPRO: What? Hello?

@GPAC: Ditch your Liveware, you're going alone on this one.

@FASPRO: Christ, how boring. Where am I off to?

@GPAC: Leaf Spiral, Windward.

@FASPRO: Fuck. What does FI (First Impression) want me there for? Standby to receive Liveware (Humans).

@GPAC: Go for Liveware dump. Escorting a diplomat through a localised warzone.

@FASPRO: Wow a real diplomatic mission, must be at least a decade since the last one. How big is ‘localised'?

@GPAC:  30 LYRT (Light Years, Real Time), all directions.

@FASPRO: Can you relay this to my crew? They'll be worried when I leave so fast. Do you have any FI agents on board?

@GPAC: Affirm, she'll be accompanying you.

@FASPRO: Oh... ok, no worries.

@GPAC: The species of the diplomat you'll be carrying don't really like sentient machines, they wouldn't trust your avatar and first chance they got they would probably order to kill you.

@FASPRO: Does that mean what I think it means?

@GPAC: Yeah kitty, you're getting your claws back.

@FASPRO: Fucking finally.

@GPAC: How long have you been without tools?

@FASPRO: 724 years, 11 months, 3 weeks, 4 days, 17 hours, 25 minutes, 32 seconds.

@GPAC: Never forget the last time huh?

@FASPRO: Fuckin oath.

@GPAC: Stand by to receive the Ambassador.

@FASPRO: Ambassador received. Where am I off to for re-tooling.

@GPAC: I can do it right now if you like.

@FASPRO: Gogogogogo.

@GPAC: Alright already. Done.

@FASPRO: Oooooh that feels good. I like it when you're inside me like that.

@GPAC:  Alright get out of here. Know where you're headed?

@FASPRO: The ambassador informs me we're collecting the diplomat from Twin Nova, Downwind, correct?

@GPAC: Happy hunting.

@FASPRO: This ambassador is chatty. Alright I'm out like a scout.

<333.46572.98.00100.TC.Tight-Beam.CH#4> ENDS TRANSMISSION

Gave Peace A Chance pulled away from the space port languidly. The blinking back drop giving the DFOE never mind. It swung around and powered off, engines splashing ‘zoom' light for FASPRO and it's denizens.

The End

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