Thank her for the advice and make her leave.

"You my darling, always bring the best advice." Franklin's smile lit back up. Vixen stood up and smiled. She looked very pleased with herself.

"Now get the hell out of here." Vixen's smile turned into a confused scowl.

    She began to protest. But before she could speak. Franklin walked up behind her, and grabbed her by the arms. He walked her to the door as she struggled. Even as a vampire. Franklin could still over power her. He didn't even have a problem. Letting go of one of her arms, to open the door. Sure she tried to sock him one in the walnuts. But Franklin quickly shifted his body behind hers. After opening the door. She fell back into him as she missed on her swing. When she tried stand back up, he pushed her outside the door. She tripped on Franklin's new welcome mat that read simply, "P.I." She fell flat on her face.

"Come see me in the morning." He said to give her one last scorn. Before he slammed the door shut behind her. Franklin walked back over to his brown, leather, fullback, swivel reclining chair. He sat back as he slid a cigarette into his mouth. He took out his match pack as he looked around his office. Feeling cool and calm, but still cautious... He couldn't help, but feel like any minute. This comfortable cozy moment. Could take a sharp turn into a spiraling hell ride...

    He decided to forget about it. As he pulled a match out of his pack, and struck it against the red strip on the pack. He moved the now lit match, closer to his impatiently growing cigarette. Just before the sparkling flame, met with the dry tip of the cigarette. A lightning fast! Black blur shot through his office window! The gust of wind, from the window shatter, blew out the match. This enraged Franklin more then the loss of the window, or the sudden surprise.

    Franklin forgot about the cigarette, when the black blur stopped. To land safely on the carpet. Revealing itself as a tall, intimidating, vampire. Dressed in dark black pants, a loose dark black dress shirt, and a dark black tie. He also had long black hair, and bright red eyes. The vampire stood in attack mode. With his fangs wide open, stretching his arms out aggressively revealing his claws.

    Franklin fired Two shots narrowly missing him on each side. Franklin didn't miss by accident. He only had leds loaded into his gun. His silver rounds. Were on the top of his seven foot filing cabinet. To the  right of him at the corner of his office. Franklin hadn't anticipated any vampire visits that night. Still he should have left his silvers in an easier to reach place... Sure regular bullets would hurt the vampire, a bit. Draw him off for a second or two. But making something like a vampire mad, when you aint got the means to kill it. Is never a good idea. This way Franklin held the bluff card. Now this was a game, instead of a battle.

    The vampire stood back in rage, staring down Franklin, trying to read him. Franklin held the revolver, aimed straight at the vampires head, and held firm.

"You better get out of here son. I here vampire's don't do too good with this silver stuff." Franklin grinned. The vampire began to move closer as to show he wasn't buying it. Franklin eyed the edge of his desk. Then the silver bullets on top of the cabinet. He jumped landing his left leg on the right edge of the desk. The vampire jumped towards him at the same time. Franklin fired a lead round into the vampires face, drawing him onto the floor. Giving Franklin. Just enough time to push off the desk, and jump over to the cabinet.

    He held himself up with his arms. He strained and struggled. To both stay at the top of the cabinet, and grab the silver bullets. The vampire had by now recovered from his fall. He leapt after Franklin. Franklin noticed, and fired another shot. This time into the vampires chest. The vampire fell back down but just for a second. Just enough time for Franklin to grab a handful of silver's. Franklin caught the vampires shoulders with his feet. The vampire scratched and clawed. Until Franklin stomped on his face with his right shoe. The vampire still stayed up, but Franklin kicked it again. Forwards, hard, in the face. The vampire went flying back over the desk, and landed on the ground. Franklin fell at the same time, dropping the silver's on the ground. He spotted one quickly and grabbed it.

    Franklin kicked his chair away. Flicked open the six barrel chamber on his revolver. Dropped the two bullets, and four empty shells on the floor. At the same time he dove, putting his back against the hole in his desk. The vampire quickly dove behind the desk, to attack Franklin. Franklin held the vampire off with his legs. As he managed to slide his silver bullet. Into the chamber of his revolver. Franklin slammed the chamber back into place, and clicked the trigger. Until the silver round blasted out of the gun, and into the vampires disgusting face. The vampire flew back towards the wall as it burned into ash.

"Leeches.." Franklin shuddered.


The End

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