PGB- Alrighty, first, we hit...

   I wobbled over to the world map that Xan has under her bed. I tugged at it but it wouldn't budge.

"Here," Xan said leaning over and pulling it out. "Now unroll it," I commanded. She did so.

"Alrightly," I said walking on top of the map," First, we hit North Korea because they have the most bombs right now." I pulled out a Crayola crayon out of her coloring box and drew a number one next to North Korea.

"Then, China," putting a number two next to China," Since it is next door to Korea, we might as well," She nodded in a confuzled way. "Then," I said with an epic pause, "America."

She looked at me and said, " What does this have to do with saving all gummy bears?"  I sighed and satdown on the Pacific ocean, thinking.

The End

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