Gummies vs. Humans

The Gummies have picked a human to help them fight against the other humans and capture the world. They are sick of being eaten as a delicious treat and want to rule the humans instead. That way their race survives.

       I was sitting in a room staring at all the gummy bears I would never eat.  I have three years of gummy bears sitting in a jar on a shelf in my room. "What am I going to do with all these bears?" My name is Xanthra. I frequently go by Xan. I have curly dark brown almost black hair, and blue eyes. I am rather short, and very skinny. I didn't like to eat gummy bears, I thought they were too cute to eat. Every one thought I was strange because of it. I didn't mind though, and neither did the gummy bears.

       "May I be of service?" asked a small voice.

   I looked around. "Who said that?" I asked nervously.

     "Xan, who else would have said it?" the voice responded.

      "Who's there? How do you know my name?" I asked the voice. Then I saw the strangest thing happen. My only purple gummy bear ( probably the only purple one in the world)  got up and came over to me.

      "Me silly. Who did you think I was." the gummy bear said.

       "You're a gummy bear!" I said rather stupidly.

       "How nice of you to notice." it said. "Any way, I'm going to tell you something very important to the survival of all gummy bears. Are you ready?"

    I stared at it stupidly. "I'll take that for a yes." it said. "Now, it's time to take over the human race..."

The End

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