The death of Sister Gow

It was too late, oh well. The girl had no idea what she was getting herself in for. Gow stummbled back through the trees. She was weak, the run had been to much for her. She collapsed on to the grave, as the whole world started to blacken. Was she dying?


Apparently so. Sister Guinevere Gow of Kolar temple, looked up once more at the stars befor falling into a very deep sleep.

She stood up, she felt lighter than usual. As she twisted to look aout her she saw a hideous, twisted, lonely old woman, asleep on the grave. It was her. She looked at herself in the mirror and, as expected, she was young again.



"I'm so sorry."

"You should be! I had to go back! I had to stop travelling and become a nun! I was so lonely, it was agony, I became some bitter old woman! I hate you!"

The figure of Shigure stepped towards her. She rushed into his arms and started to weep once more.

"I'm sorry! I love you too!"

"I know." Shigure nodded towards his gravestone, it said nothing on it apart form the words I love you too. They had been carved in by Guinevere, she was a nun after all, she thought he might know.

"Is death bad?"

"No! We can go wherever we want, just the two of us, like before. I don't have the bike though.."


And with that Guinevere Gow died. She gave up her exsistence in Kolar temple, her existence as a bitter old woman, and went back to how she had been before. A young, beautiful, happy girl, who had all of Eluryh before her.

The End

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