All good things come to an end

But as we all know, all good things must, one day, come to an end.

"Look we are far, far too drunk to be riding this stupid motorbike!"

"What is wrong with the bike? You alllwwaaays call the bike stupid! What has it ever done to you? See now it's stalled coz, it... it..... it felt you disss it!"

"No it stalled because of the rabbits! The ones.... on the moon! They hhaaaaattte me!"

"Ok then I guess the rabbits want to race! I'm sooo gonna beat you bunnys! And when I do you're gonna leave her alone!"

"Yay! You rock Gure!"

Guinevere Gow sobbed like a child. She fell onto the gravestone in her rage and agony, as the rain poured down. Why?! Why did he do it?! Not the drunk driving, they had done that on a regular basis, she didn't regret that. But why on earth did he take her in the first place?! She had been content!

She had never loved anyone, she had never been happy and when she met him she did both, she would have been fine without, but it's not true you know. It's not better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all, because now, she was broken, she had to return to the temple, alone, she had to continue on without him. And she never stopped crying. Not once. She was always crying on the inside. Always.

She thought back to when the bike had crashed, That stupid, stupid bike...

"Shigure?! Shigure!!!"

"I'm over here..."

"Oh thank god you're ok!"


"Wait Gure you're bleeding!"


"Oh my god we need an ambulance!"

"Guinevere! You don't need an ambulance I'm already dead."

"No! No your not! It's only a scratch, you can't die yet!"

"Guinevere shhh stop panicking! You're ok aren't you? If you're ok so am I. You're the most beautiful, sweetest, coolest woman in the world, and I love you."

Those had been his final words. She was in too much of a panic to take it in. She never got to tell him that she loved him back. She had called the ambulance, but he was right. He was already dead.

As the rain poured the old, crippled hag staggered to her feet. Suddenly she heard people in the woods!

"What is that thing?! Does it move?!"

"Yes henceforth the wheels."

Gow stood bolt upright, She ran through the forest at a breakneck pace, not matching her elderly body. It was the Tokuten girl!

"Maikiko! No please don't!"

But it was too late as Maikiko and Ryugii howled off into the night.

The End

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