Guinevere Gow

This is basically a spin-off of my other story Hoshii which explains the backstory of one of the very, very minor characters in that story. ( Please read Hoshii first!)

It was midnight in Kolar Temple, it waas the night of the summer festival. Sister Gow, as always swept through the halls of the temple, she had to ensure that no-one was awake to notice her leave. 

She went into the Tokuten girl's room to find it empty. She was gone! Yuki was asleep in the room with tears running down her face, apparently Maikiko really was missing, but that was a problem for the morning.

 The thin, dried up old hag continued through the corridors and ended her journey at the front step of the temple. No-one was awake. Good.

Guinevere Gow had been living in Kolar Temple as a nun for 30 years. She reached her destination, a small grave on the outskirts of the forest that no-one but her knew about. She fell to her knees onto the cold, dry ground and wept openly, confident that the villagers couldn't hear her.

It had been 30 years. 30 years since he died, 30 years since he left her. 30 years since she lost everything.

The End

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