On lease untill further evidence can be submitted

"On the circumstances we cannot give sentance. Since the sample did not match Mr. Taylor's and there is no proof of afair The Jury has deamed him on lease untill further evidence to Mrs. Taylor's acusations can be brought forward. The childeren shall be placed in Mrs. Taylor's custody untill Mr. Taylor is no longer a suspect."

With that the Judge left the room. I could see Kristy was crying. At least dad wasn't going to prison. I had a suspicion we wouldn't be alowed to see dad for a while.

Well kristy couldn't. Its my eighteenth birthday in a few months. After that the dragon can't stop me.

Kristy Ran to dad and Hugged him. Dropping Her Teddy Sue as she ran.

Not Yet Finished I shall continue writing this when I have a moment of peace.

Anna (10:57 am  29/8/09) xx

The End

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