Not Guilty

The dragon shreiked as our fathers shoulders droped and relaxed.

Kristy is still crying but this time it's because everything will turn out ok. It may not, but it's a start in the right direction and I'm thankful.

"The two children shall stay in custody of their birth father unless the court is resumed on a later date with more viable evidence."

Kristy ran to dad, dropping Teddy Sue as she threw her arms around his neck and he picked her up into a hug.

She's only thirteen she shouldnt have to go through this. I was reminded of that everytime I saw my little sis cry or when she felt she needed Teddy Sue. I picked up Teddy Sue and smiled at the worn Bear.

Teddy Sue was given to my sis by mother. I mean our real mother. I was also given one after I was born Edward Bear. He sits on my chair and often gets thrown in my bag if I travel. He reminds me of home, he reminds me of mom and most importnantly he reminds me that somewhere out there she could still be alive.

She disapeared a few months after Kristy was born. I remember snippets of what mom looked like. Soft waving hair, dark brown eyes. The most i remember in full was her bending down to me on my fourth birthday. I had lost Edward Bear and she found him for me. She had such a kind smile.

"Cummon Papa" Kristy took dads hand and walked him out of the courtroom. The news crews were everywhere and kept trying to shove past me and Kristy to get to dad.

We finally got into the landdrover as guards held the press back. Even though Kristy had always dreamed of being a movie star I knew for once she couldnt stand all these flashing lights. She just wanted to get home to peace.

As we drove up the Gravel dad stoped and flashed his lights. Another three flashes came back to him.

"Papa whats going on?" Kristy looked worried again so I put my arm round her. She had dark bags under her eyes. I knew she wasn't getting enough sleep at the moment.

The End

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