Kirsteen's daziling blue eyes blink desperatly as she tries to wipe away her tears. She never cries. It makes her feel like people know how they can get to her. For a thirteen year old she can be so synical. Sadly she needs to be.

Weve lived around that fake b*tch for the last four years, you have to learn to paint yourself over emotions. Shes angry I can tell. Like me she has her fists clenched and shes shaking. In one arm I can see the battered head of Teddy Sue sticking up.

Mum, I mean our REAL mum, before the dragon came along, gave Teddy Sue to Kristy. I was given Edward Bear when I was a child also from mother.  Admitting he still sat on my chair and was thrown into my bag whenever I went traveling was not to bad. He reminded me of home and that somewhere out there my mother might still be living. My connection to her.

Kristy doesn't remeber mum. She was only a few months old when mum dissapeard. I do. Only snippeets of pictures no matter how hard i try to rememeber. Soft brown wavy hair, Dark brown eyes, glowing skin.

I bend down and hug Kristy as she cries. I know this only makes her cry more but I cant stand by and watch my little sister have her life destroyed and feel alone.

The judge spoke up. "The two children shal be placed in custody of Miranda Liams unless Jury or social services feel the need to intervein". With that he walked out of the room.

Kristy knew we would end up with the dragon if dad was called guilty. Dad began to cry as he colapsed into his chair behind the defence desk. Kristy and I ran up to him.

"Papa" Kristy said as he hugged her tight "We know you didn't do it papa!"  He held her by the arms at arms length.

"Kristy your a strong girl look after your mother"

"Shes not our mother!" Kristy screemed at him. I wispered it under my breath. "Papa you can't expect us to live with her!"

"I can't do anything else dear" He bowed his head as the guards came up behind him to take him away. "Kristy hun? Can I talk to your brother for a moment?"

"Ok Papa". She let go of him.

"Please men can I just have a word with my son?" He asked. The guards both Nodded and left us alone for a miniute.

"Son please i want you to do two things"

I nod

"Look after your sister, I'll get out of here eventually. I didn't kill Wendy and i dont know who did but I've been getting clues. Everything is in a file under my desk compartment. The code is Kristys birthday. I've spent so much time on it its probably why that backstabbing harrodon seems to think I was having an affair with Wendy. Do NOT let her see the files , if she gets hold of them she will destroy them or she wont get all my money will she, and son I have a feeling, somehow Wendy's murder is linked to your mother's dissapearance. Look after Kristy. Kristy come here a sec hunny!" He called over. She ran over to us and into his arms crying again.

"Hun , youll see me out of prison I know that. I love you dear". He grabbed me into a hug "Jake, Son work it out for me. I love you aswell"

The guards took dad away as Kristy screamed to let him go. I held her back tears roling down my cheeks too. As the door closed behind him she stopped struggling. I pick her up and carry her back out of the court room. There stands the dragon I don't want to o with her and neither does Kristy.

The End

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