Guilty until proven Innocent

The curtain glowed with an orange luminance.  It was an ominous, eerie feeling that leaked through the woven threads.  His feet moved across the soft carpeted room.  A jolt of apprehension bulleted up his outstretched arm as he took hold of the curtain to rip it back.

“Mr Jim Greens, had a settlement been reached after you two seperated?"

A cold band wrapped around his forearm.  Another hugged his chest.  This machine would be his saviour, even with the evidence against him.  He knew he was safe as long as he said the truth.

“Not entirely”

“Mr. Green, I am going to ask you again…”

“I told her!  She was not keeping that car, I told her!”

It had been the focus of his life.   Delilah knew that all too well.

His pulse quickened.  The injustice of the situation was taking over.

“When did you return home on the evening of Nov. 19th?”

“Around 6 pm.”

He had stopped at the auto shop on the way home.  He needed some parts to repair the car's failing radiator.

“Did you notice Ms. Higgins or her boyfriend when you returned home?”


The officer looked sideways to his counterpart, who delicately turned a knob on the polygraph machine.  A board lay blocking it from view.  He imagined the needle taking a sudden jump.

“When did you first see Ms. Higgins and Dave Harley?”

“When I went out for a smoke”

They were laughing.  Dave revved the engine, staring mockingly at him.  He rushed up to the car and tugged at the locked door.  The wheels pulled away from the curb.  He stood there lost for a time, and went into the house, broken.

A sudden laughter had escaped him.

He hadn’t fixed the locks.  They had just locked themselves into the vehicle, and wouldn’t be able to let themselves out.

As he cast aside the curtain, blinding red lights struck his face.  Flames rose level with his eyes on the second story, the ribs of the car black were silhouetted in the fire. 

The thought of laughter laughter made him sick now.



The End

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