Fizzy Drinks

Yup, I have a thing for carbonation. If it fizzes then, most likely, I am going to be licking my lips and lifting the bottle to them. I'll try anything if it's fizzy! Fizzy Vimto (I never really liked Vimto, but the bubbles made it taste better!) all the way to Dandelion and Burdock, which, by the way, is delicious…

Although my utmost favourite of them all would be Diet Coke (seriously, I'm close to being addicted to it, without actually being addicted) with its array of flavours, I drink all sort of carbonated drinks (as exampled in the previous paragraph)! Oddly, I try not to drink normal Coca Cola or Coke Zero (bleurg, tastes like strained broccoli). I rather like those fizzy grape juice drinks by the company ‘Shloer’; I don't drink much wine (because I'm too busy ordering a coke!) but I guess they’re what non-alcoholic wine tastes like. Oh, that sounds silly, but I’m prepared to believe what I want. It doesn’t change the taste now, does it?

But it’s not just about flavour. The main treat is the tingle of the bubbles as they settle and pop on my tongue and around my mouth. It’s about theexperienceof drinking a fizzy drink, the pleasure and that sensation of caffeine after a hard day’s work.

I know that they're terribly bad for me, but I think that, as well as loving them more than alcohol, fizzy drinks are something that I'm never, not once in my life, going to be able to give up!

The End

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