Oh, Sweet Fantasy...

My guilty pleasure? Dreams. I can't get enough of them.

My imagination is apparantly neverending, and I have new ideas for stories literally all the time. The negative point of it is, you know, it's rather stressful to be writing 20+ books at once. (and don't think that they're only strings of ideas-I can literally plan out the whole book within a couple days; my problem is writing whatever happens between the main arcs of the story). My friends tell me I need to "slow my roll" and concentrate on one thing at a time, but...

Oh, never. I love, love, love it. Creating new worlds, fresh people, complex relationships, some that would probably never exist in the real world... oh I can't get enough of it. I'm addicted. It's potentially a problem, as I tend to think of my characters as all seperate, individual, REAL people. (as in like..I think of them as my guardian angels :>  )

I also love  the dreams you have when you're sleeping. They're always very vivid and I remember most details almost perfectly. I love sleep because I anticipate them so much. Though I love my dreams I think up more, I think.

I can't help it; and I don't really want to help it either. I'm never lonely, at least...! :) A healthy, if not completely mentally stable, guilty pleasure.


The End

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