All That Glitters...

Glitter. If it sparkles there'll be no doubt that I will have my hands on it. I especially have a weakness for bath products containing glitter and then my poor mother has to clean out the glitter-covered bath afterwards.

I have no idea what compels me to make myself shine, or to bathe whilst the glitter washes over me, but I seem to have an attraction to gold stuff, nonetheless. Despite if it looks funny, I have been known to put glitter all over my face and try any sorts of tricks to keep it there, including not putting water anywhere near my face. That means I may even refrain from washing my face for a couple of days…

I have only one gold eye-shadow, one gold lipstick, and two different shades of gold nail-polish, but I have countless amounts of body glitter, in tubes, miniature-sized pots, huge pots that explode glitter whenever I open them, and even a perfumed spray that contains oil mixed with glitter to use on the skin.

When it comes to clothes and jewellery, unfortunately for me, I seem to be behind in the gold department. I have a mere one golden-coloured shirt and a lot of my rings, necklaces and earrings (although I’m not the best at remembering to put them on) are silver or a rainbow of colours, but not gold. At least they have shiny gemstones or material that shimmers in the light.

Yes, I’m too much of a magpie! (Just don’t ever call me a ‘gold-digger’).

The End

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