Baby Snack Attacks

I'll make a list of the baby family members:

1999 : Little cousin
2000 : Baby Brother
2002 : Little cousin and then baby sister
2003 or 2005 : Little cousin
2009 : Baby cousin.

I had a little bit of the foods that were at my aunty's place or whenever I feed my siblings and cousins. I sometimes sneeked one package of biscuits, cookies, fruit bars, or a little bit of the mashed baby food. I have to admit that most of the mashed food tastes horriable. Once in a while I do take the ones that taste fabulous with the snacks that I prepard for myself. Only one and it's hard to have a my Baby Snack Attacks, and I'm born in 1993.. Yea innocent Guilty Pleasure. ;P

The End

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