Midnight Snacks

hen I was young I loved to raid the fridge, looking for things to eat, in the middle of the night.  It became a bit of a ritual over the years. 

Only once was I caught out with something that was trully ugh, phoo, spit it out, wash out the mouth.  Find something else to take away the awful taste.  Even today I will not go anywhere near it - Cavier.

But over the years the snacks became more adventurous, mixing different concoctions, to my taste.  Just a few I will share - Golden syrup and Powdered instant milk powder like Cremora, although Cremora on it's own is nice, mixed aah a new taste completely.

Icing sugar on it's own is nice, but either mix a drop of essence with it like rum, caramel or other.  Then mix some coco powder.  You can make all sorts of flavours & colours here. 

Raw bacon, although someone told me lately that it's dangerous to eat raw, I've been doing it for so many years, no problem, just like a cold meat snack.   Even cooked Yummy, make a snack plate, with lumps cheese, bacon, gherkin, other snacky foods.

Even today like to have snacks, when no one if looking, and try different mixes depending what's in the pantry cupboards.  Even though it's my own house, I think it's the secretiveness of the mixing, preparing, and sneaking it out without anyone seeing you, with the thought that you're being naughty, is what makes it taste even more yummy.

Worst mix, this after a party and rather out of it.  Toothpaste and Marie Biscuits.

Right now had to go and make a snack quickly, but got caught, by hubby.  Oh well there's always tomorrow when he's at work, to have another sneak attack!!!!

The End

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