That One Guy

Okay, I’ll admit that everyone gets crushes every now and then, but there’s this one man that I absolutely adore, and to whom I’ve been attracted to for at least four years.

So my guilty pleasure is this: I like to follow him down the corridors when he doesn’t realise, and find out his schedule, so that I can pop up at the right moments and have an impromptu chat with him.

Oh, and did I mention that he has a Facebook too? I check it everyday just so that I don’t miss a second his life. In fact, he was the one who convinced me to actually use my account more often.

I know I shouldn’t really be doing that, and I’ve managed to be given the nickname ‘stalker’ amongst my circle of close friends. But the thrill of seeing him is just too much. I do feel really guilty when I sneak little glances at his body (not athletic, by the way, but it looks ‘cuddly’ *giggle*). I’m thinking that this is probably not good for me? *Giggle*. His intelligent, charming (and did I mention gorgeous) personality, is just so much of a lifeline to me; it peps me up, and I’d never get rid of the adrenalin rush.

I suppose my guilty pleasure is so much more than a guilty pleasure…!

The End

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