Biscuits and Brother's Books

Whenever I go home on the weekends, I take a certain guilty pleasure in stealing my Mum's healthy fruit-biscuit bars. My brother and Dad hate them, but they're seriously delicious! I can't get enough of them and, sometimes, when I'm home alone or haven't eaten for a while I'll sneak one into my room with me and devour it, revelling in the fact that I know my Mum will never know the difference .... unless someone rats me out, of course.

Another guilty pleasure of mine is to steal my brother's Asterix comics and read them when no-one else is around. My parents seem to think I'm far too "mature" for them, and try to egg me on to read more intellectual (aka, BORING!) stuff. I comply most of the time - and some aren't so bad - but come on, who can resist a bit of lighthearted slapstick fun now and again? Particularly when you can actually understand all the jokes the Romans make in Latin.

P.S ... Please don't tell my Mum!

The End

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