Chapter 7

Great. Lexi thought. I'm all alone again. She wandered through the forest silently until she reached the edge. As her eyes swept over the empty parking lot, she realized that another fimilar person was here. She inhaled deeply to clarify that she was right. She walked slowly, weaving in and out between the variety of cars. She looked up at the window that indicated the location of her room. She saw a sign of movement in the darkness.

Crouching behind a Chevy Malibu, she wondered what was going on up there. Why am I such a coward? Why can't I will myself to go up there? Someone could be hurt, or dying. Taking a deep breath, she loosened up from her crouch and began to walk inside. She was through the first set of doors when she turned and walked back out. She was a vampire for crying out loud. She flung herself in the air and found herself hanging onto the outside of the window. She jumped up again and walked as quietly as possible across the roof. She found a skylight and knelt down. She lifted it up and dropped inside.

She was in the hallway that led to her room. Quickly, she ran down and paused outside to listen. There wasn't anything, and she was worried that the worst had already happened. Whatever that may be. She swung open the door slipped silently inside. She heard the shattering of various objects, along with a male's soft voice.

"Please, stop. I have no idea why you are here. I can honestly tell you that I don't know where she is."

Dr. Fray. He was alive. Or at least for the moment. Who ever was in there was probably not very happy. She heard another voice.

"Alaric, please. This isn't worth it. He had no part in this. It was all my fault. I found her and hid her away."


There was a snarl. "From what?" A voice demanded.


"From people like you." Tristan answered.

Lexi couldn't take much more of this. She walked around the corner and time seemed to freeze. It was like the world stopped spinning. Everything had ceased to continue. Instead, she saw the three of them. Alaric and Tristan were a few feet away from one another. Dr. Fray was leaning against a table for support, but was watching the two of them intently. Then, six eyes were on her. She saw the emotion behind Alaric's and Tristan's. One showed concern and the other showed hatred to the inth degree. Then they turned to each other and both showed uncontrollable loathing.

Oh my God. She thought. What have I done?

The End

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