Chapter 2

Shock slowly washed over Lexi. She couldn't move, she couldn't breathe, she couldn't speak. Dr. Fray noticed and was at her side. "Lexi?" he asked, checking her pulse. He looked at the monitor that showed her heartbeats. The rhythm was slower than he would have liked it to be. He watched her, waiting for her to come around.

Lexi felt like she might faint. She felt insane pressure against her chest. It hurt. She wanted to open her eyes, but she couldn't find the strength to. The pressure became more painful and she found herself struggling to breathe. The faint beeping on the monitor nearby accelerated, and she managed to take in small rapid breaths.

She thought she heard Dr. Fray calling her name, but she couldn't be sure. The beeping hovered in her ears. A wave of sharp pain pierced her chest and she cried out. Then she felt nothing but a strong sense of vertigo...

The sun was setting, painting the sky with a variety of colors. Endless grief seemed to grip him from the inside out. He walked through the edge of the forest. He wanted to be alone, he needed to be alone. He was where he had grown up. All that was left was the remains of the old boarding house. He touched part of the stone and it crumbled where his fingers laid. Memories flooded through his mind. He saw this place, but not in ruins. He saw himself before he became what he is now. He saw her. She was beautiful. Her long brunette hair hung freely in elegant curls. Her gray green eyes were full of light as they looked back at him. Her white smile was pleasant as he greeted her.

She held out a white gloved hand. In it was a ring. The ring was exquisite. It was made of white lustrium, with a blood red square in the middle. On the square was a crest. The crest was a single letter imprinted in perfect black calligraphy. A V.

"What's this?" He'd asked her.

She smiled and looked up at him with fathomable and irrestable eyes. "Marry me, Tristan Black."

He smiled and took the ring. "Of course, Miss Annika." he said, sliding the ring on to his finger. He then kissed her hand.

"Good," she smiled as he escorted her upstairs. "I'm delighted."

He held one of the doors open for her. "As am I."

The End

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