Chapter 1

Bright white lights hovered over her head. They blinded her eyes when she opened them. The strong smell of alcohol burned her nose. There was an annoying beeping noise nearby. Each high frequency beat pulsed again and again in her head. Her ears were ringing, a low, dull ring. Her head pounded again, each time the pain intensified only a bit more. She turned her head to the side, and saw a doctor coming her way.

"Good moring, Miss Izar," He greeted her warmly.

She just stared at him, not understanding his presence. She wished she could say something, but she couldn't find her voice. What had happened? How had she got here? Where was she? Questions continued to spin in her mind as the doctor spoke to her.

"How are you feeling?" He asked, glancing at the monitors.

"Who are you?" She blurted out, not thinking. She immediately felt bad.

The doctor smiled politely. "I'm Dr. Fray," He answered.

Lexi nodded to herself. "I think I remember you now."

Dr. Fray nodded and smiled. "They don't seem to know why your in here." He explained, looking at a few doctors and nurses who were gazing at Lexi.

"Why am I in here?" Lexi asked.

"I'll get to that later, do you remember anything?" He asked, reviewing the papers on his clipboard.

She shook her head, "No, I don't ," She answered honestly.

"I see," the doctor said, seeming to be puzzled by something on his papers. Lexi watched him closely. This was the first time she'd really looked at him, and now she was beginning to wonder if she was seeing things. Dr. Fray had pale skin, and luminous golden blond hair that was tidy, and then she noticed his eyes. His eyes were normal looking, except for the dark shadows under them. He looked worn and tired, as if he had gotten no sleep. Maybe he hadn't. "Do you feel any pain?" He asked, looking back at her.

Lexi tore her eyes away from him. "Not really, I just feel wierd." she answered. 

Then she noticed the doctor's icy hands checking for a pulse. He felt one, because he then laid his hand on her forehead. She must not have had a fever, because once again, his hands moved. His fingers slid the side of the hospital gown down over her shoulder, and he stared above her heart. He then glanced at the heart monitor, confused.

"Impossible," he whispered, and his fingers probed along her heart, searching for something that didnt' seem to be there. While he did this, Lexi realized something she hadn't noticed before.

Her doctor was a vampire. 

The End

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