Guilty Pleasure 1

Lexi Izar finds out that she is no longer among the immortals. She is now a mortal and has no idea on what her purpose as a mortal is. She remembers her past life, and learns that the greatest uprising in mortal history is because of one little act on her part. She now has to find a way to fix what she started over 100 years ago.

The creature stood, a black silhouette in the darkness against the fog. She was coming, he could smell her scent. Oh, yes, it was time. Time to end what she started. She came closer, not able to see in through the thick fog. Then the contact was made. Or that's at least what she thought. She slowly got out of her car, and rounded to the front in a cautious maneuver.

Then he came over the bridge from which he was hiding. She was startled, as he had expected. She stood up slowly as he approached her. She stared up at him and he could see the recgonization in her eyes. He thrust the wooden stake at her heart, knowing she wouldn't ever notice. She did though, and he watched as she fell to the cold, damp ground. The sight of her blood flowing from her chest was amusing to him and he hovered over her.

"Congratulations," he smiled sadistically. "You've just earned yourself a one-way ticket to Hell."

Then he left her there, left her there to die.

The End

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