Guilty Heart

Brielle Brennan is just a sophmore in college, but not everything is flowing smoothly. Her mom won't get off her back and her finals are coming soon. Oh yeah, and her Drug and Alchohol addicted brother is back wanting revenge. Will Brielle,with God and Everett's help, learn to forgive her brother and herself? Or will it eat at her the rest of her life?

Chapter one

It was a dark cold evening. An evening she would never forget, as long as she lived. The night her life was saved by her knight in shining armor.

 Or at least her knight in a silver Honda. Brielle Brennan was walking the cold, snowy streets of Denver, on her way home from her mothers house. Which was onyl a few blocks from her own dormitory. It was so cold she could see her breath. Brielle sighed. She was tired of her mother nagging her. "When are you going to get a man?" "Why are you so against having a boyfriend?" "I want some grandchildren before I die!!" She didn't want to hear the questions anymore. Her mother just didn't understand. She's only a sophmore in college. At the moment her life consisted of finals, working and staying sane. Brielle was so deep in thought, she didn't see the man leaning against the light pole. Once she did though, she let out a gasp. Because she knew this man. This man was her older brother. "What are you doing  here, Will?" She asked on a cracking voice. He looked at her and gave her an evil smirk, "What do you mean what am I doing here? Can't a guy come and see his baby-sister once and a while?" She snorted, "When did you start to care?". "I've always cared." he replied with a mocking glare. "What do you want you, Dirt-bag?" she asked in a bitter voice. "You know what I want. Revenge." he said equally as bitter. "Revenge for what? Tattling on your girlfriend? She almost killed me!" Brielle said, her voice rising. "Exactly. And then she killed herself in jail. Which I hold you responsible for." he said in an accusing voice. "You hold me responsible for your psychotic girlfriend killing herself? What the heck?!” she said, practically yelling at him. She was so confused. What was he going to do to her? And why didn't he care that his girlfriend tried to kill her? "So I want to get this done as quickly as possible." He said wrapping his arm around her neck, holding a knife to her neck. She started to panic. "Will, you don't want to do this." she tried to compromise. He let out a laugh, "Of course I do. And to show you I'm not kidding..." He then took the knife and made a nice wound on her right cheek, running about 4 inches long. She was in so much shock she didn't even cry out. This was her brother! The one who used to take her to the park, and DQ all the time. What had happened to him? She knew very well what happened to him. He got addicted to drugs, alchohol, and violence. He was just plain evil. Like and evil spawn of Satan himself.

All of a sudden, someone comes driving up in a silver Honda. This person jumps out of the car and comes running towards them. "I would suggest letting go of her, scum." the man says in a very 'don't-mess-with-me' tone of voice. Will snickered at this man, "And what are you going to do if I don't?" Will found this guy entertaining. "I'm going beat you to a bloody pulp.” Will doesn't look the least bit scared. "Oh yeah? Man, I am so scared!!" He said in a mocking tone. The man looked amused, "OK you asked for it." The man jumps and tackles both Will and Brielle. He gets Brielle free from his grasp and continues to beat Will up. But Will is equally as strong as this mystery man. So it's a pretty even fight. Suddenly, Will jumps off and starts getting away. As he's running away he shouts, "Don't think this is over,Bri. I will get revenge!" Then he disappeared into the dark oblivion. The mystery man comes running up to Brielle. "Are you okay?" He asks with concerned eyes. But she never got to reply because right then and there she passed out. But her last thoughts as she was fading were, "Is this for real?"

Brielle woke up with a start. Had it all been a dream? She looked around her and realized that she was not in her apartment. She was in her mothers house, in her bed. Her hand flew up to her cheek. Ouch. That wound was still there. So last night couldn’t have been a dream. Right then her mother came bursting through the door. “Oh sweetie! Your awake! How do you feel?” Her mother asked in a very concerned voice. How did she feel? She felt confused, a little dizzy, and her cheek hurt like the dickens. “I’m fine mother. My cheek is just a little sore.” Her mothers face relaxed a bit. “Oh, I’m so happy! This young man brought you in from outside. Then he himself collapsed on the couch and fell asleep.” Then she said in a more gentle tone, “What happened last night, Brielle?”What did happen last night?Brielle thought to herself. “It wasn’t really anything, mother.”Liar!Brielle thought to herself. Her mother didn’t look so convinced. “Brielle Renee Brennan, don’t you dare lie to my face.” Her face showed that she was hurt. “Tell me the truth, Brielle.”There’s no point in lying to her.Brielle took a deep breath. “He showed up last night, mother.” Her mother gasped. “W-w-will? He showed up?” Her lips were quivering, real fear coming into her eyes. “And he… he did that to you?” Motioning to her wound on her right cheek. Brielle looked away. “Yes.” She replied in a mouse like voice. Her mother flew to her side and hugged her. “Oh Brielle! Dear, I’m so glad that you are safe!” Brielle pushed her mother away. “Mother. It may not be safe for long. He’s promised to return.” Her mother turned a ghost white. “Well we should definitely contact the police.” She looked at her daughter. “And I think we should pull you out of college.” Brielle looked at her mother. “Mother, I am not going to let that.. That scum bag ruin my life! I refuse too.” She told her mother in a firm voice. Her mother look distraught. “But Brielle, he could have ruined your life tonight by killing you!” Brielle looked hard into her mothers eyes. “Mother, I know he has hurt us in the past. I know how much pain you’ve been through. But you and I both need to move on. And if he dare tries to come back. I’ll kick his butt. You know I will. I love you too much to let him hurt you anymore.”  Tears came to her eyes. “I understand, sweetheart.” She said gently. Then suddenly the mysterious hero walks in. “Am I interrupting anything?” He asks politely. Brielle’s mother looks back and forth between him and Brielle. “Oh no, you aren’t Mr….?” He stands up straighter and walks over to Brielle’s mother. “Everett. Everett Addenbrooke.”Everett?Brielle thought to herself. “Mr. Addenbrooke it’s so nice to be able to talk to you. Thank you so much for saving my girl!” Brielle’s mother took one step towards him and gave him a hug. Then she let go. “Really, I’m glad I could help.” He flashed her a beautiful white smile. Brielle’s mother looked like she was about to faint. “Well thank you all the same. I’ll leave you two to talk.” She then turned on her heel and left the room. Everett took a seat next to Brielle’s bed. “Hello. I’m sorry about not introducing myself. I’m Everett Addenbrooke.” He smiled at her.That smile!Brielle shouted in her head. She thought she might have a heart attack because her heart was pounding so hard against her chest. “O-oh it’s no problem.” Then as an after-thought, ”I’m Brielle Brennan. It’s nice to meet you Everett.” She looked into his beautiful green eyes. “Brielle. That’s a lovely name.” This just made Brielle blush more. “U-uh thank you.” Then the dreaded awkward silence. Brielle knew she had to break this silence. “Thank you for saving my life last night.” He looked deep into her eyes. “Your welcome.” Then another pause. “Listen, Brielle? May I take you out for lunch? There’s something we need to talk about.” Brielle couldn’t believe was she was hearing. “Um sure. If you’ll just let me get dressed, we can go.” He looked at her and then looked at the door. “O-oh yeah sure.” Then he left. Brielle ran into the bathroom, turned on the sink and just stood there over it. The sound of the rushing water soothed her. She looked up into the mirror and saw the bandage. She started carefully removing the bandage.Might as well see what the damage isshe thought to herself. She got it off and just stared.Oh seriously, Will?She thought. But how did he find her? It just didn’t make any sense.


The End

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