Guilty as Loved

She knew she shouldn't have been suprised when she glanced down from her perch in the tree to see the familiar sight of the shiney flank of a horse burst freely down the old dusty trail no one ever followed unless they were leaving, yet the shank he held so close to her heart probed a little deeper as he carried out his promise, now flying out of calling distance. She didn't give the tears permission to sneak down her cheeks, but unguarded they glimmered in the dusty evening light, among the golden green protection of her haven. She felt tension climb their metalic grasp around her shoulders as she fought to let the passion flow freely. She wanted to cry for Nathan. She wanted to sob and wrap her arms around the welcoming bark of her rooted friend, and acknowledge the fact they could never be for he had to depart. And the metalic grip wove itself tighter, whispering the name of the man she had promise her love, logical and durable, and teasingly tell her she could never let it out because she wasn't allowed to love some one else yet she had fallen for Nathan.

And thus the sob's lock was turned shut and the guilt coiling its smokey ways into her heart and she felt trapped.

The End

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