Betrayal, Love, Loss, Hope, Death, Guilt, Jealousy, Hate, Confusion - the whole lot, at some point anyway. If I don't reply or anything to anything on my profile, I'm pretty busy at the moment, just starting an online course... :) xx


So, there I was. Just sitting with no one staring at me, no one talking to me and no one even remotely interested in why I was here; because no one was there to stare, to talk or to be interested. I was alone in the dark, terrified and completely shocked. I had no idea where I was, let alone why I was here. I was stunned and traumatized. All I could hear were screams, I didn’t know whose or why though. They filled my head making me feel dizzily sick and faint. I tried to stand up, but I stayed sat down. I was completely dazed and screams just kept playing over and over in my head, but I still didn’t know why.  I couldn’t get my bashed up head around it all. Well, it felt all bashed up, I couldn’t tell because all I could see was blackness.

Then, I heard a voice coming from around me. It was kind of echoing in my ear. I reached up for my ear, but nothing happened; my arm didn’t move.  I felt a rush of frustration and confusion came over me. I tried looking around, but again nothing happened. My eyelids felt heavy. I tried to open my mouth, and still nothing. I felt like crying, but I couldn’t. I could hear voices again getting closer; an odd beeping had now come into earshot. It was the strangest feeling. I could do nothing, feel nothing, but could only hear. In a way I felt like I wasn’t there, like I was dead and watching, well I wouldn’t call it watching, I was hearing. There was now a voice that seemed to be walking around me, although I couldn’t tell. Then another voice seemed to be by my side. They seemed to be holding me, holding my hand, I could feel it, but I couldn’t do anything. I felt a drop fall on my head, they must have been crying. I didn’t know why though. Then the other voice came into the room. The person crying asked something in a soft voice, there was something about that voice that seemed so familiar, like I had met them before, but I couldn’t quite remember.

Then something clicked in my head.

That voice, I know it so well. I recognise it so much, but don’t quite know why. I don’t understand. I want to talk to them, but still nothing is working.


The End

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