ok story or Jake and Kirsteen Taylor Decide how it happens
Stroy begins in a courtroom Decide where it goes write as much as you like for each section and read the story the way you want it to go xx

After the ninth day of being in this over grandured court room, and several months of being dragged around by various lawyers of mums, we are finally in the deciding moment of the court hearing.

Dad is standing with his lawyer in the defense section, hanging his head.

I dont belive hes Guilty and i know neither does Kristy. Normal thirteen year olds wouldn't know really what was going on. Mainly because of parents like Mum, or the dragon as we call her. Luckily Kristy knows more than mum thinks.

I watch her eyes well up as mum makes her final acusations at dad. It was insulting watching mum's fake tears against my sisters pure heartbreak.

She isnt even our real mother. She went missing not long after Kristy was born. Shes never been found. The police say she may have just left. Two kids is often to much for a woman to take. She wouldnt have left like that. She loved us and most of all she loved california. It would have killed her to leave.

This woman who charged in to our lives only a few years ago somehow fooling dad into love was now breaking them apart. Dad Married her four years and eighty seven days ago today. They got divorced officially as of fourteen days ago, and Wendy died exatly four months ago yesterday.

The judge gave dad one final look over before slamming down his hammer and deeming our father ........

The End

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