it was me?

I was so scared I felt that I was going to pass out. I realised that I was holding my breath and forced myself to gulp in some oxygen.

I knew that he wanted to kill me and that this time he was incensed enough to actually do it.

Worst of all I knew that I had brought all of this upon myself. I couldn't keep fooling myself about the things I had done and lives I had ruined. The fact that his rage was justified wasn't going to make any of this easier. I didn't want this moment of reckoning. I wanted to get far away from all this craziness, to start again and have another chance.

He was getting closer to my hiding place now. I was trembling and fought to choke back an involuntary sound which welled up from deep within my chest.

I could hear him ... surely there was no way to miss where I was hiding... I wanted to sneak a glance around the edge of the boxes but knew that would give me away.

There was a sudden shout and the boxes were thrown aside violently, all hell broke loose and I was shoved against the wall. His hands clasped against my throat forcing me to look back at him and see the fury in his eyes.

I closed my eyes knowing with certainty I was going to die here. The end was near and all I could do was pray it would be over quickly.

It didn't stop the frantic sense of desperation as my body began to go limp however. Deprived of oxygen, I struggled and fought as my world imploded.

As the darkness eventually hit me I was dimly aware of a cry, “WAIT!”, just as everything went black.

The End

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