Callum kept his eyes trained on the burly brute in front of him while he choose his next words carefully.


“ know that when I came to work at Rosehill station I'd requested the move away from Sutherdale?”


I nodded slightly – although I knew very little about Callum I had heard some of the rumours which had been floating around.


“Well I was one of the attorneys at Sutherdale involved in the Lily Bolstein disappearance. I gave counsel to Danny who got hauled in because he was dating Lily before she was abducted.”


I interrupted in confusion. “She was abducted? I thought they didn't know what happened to her?”


The case had been in the papers a lot ten months previously and a lot of public opinion seemed to accept that she had chosen to disappear to escape an abusive ex-boyfriend. I glanced towards the big guy wondering if he was the creep who had made a young girl feel the need to up sticks and flee so dramatically. He seemed to notice and understand the look I gave him and needled Callum defensively.


“Well go on – tell him then!”


Callum twisted his sleeve around his fingers in agitation as he replied.


“She was abducted Joe. They were trying to pin her disappearance on Danny...”


“Still are.” He growled.


“...some crap about them arguing and her thinking Danny would hurt her...”


The big guy snorted in disgust.


“...but there was nothing – no real evidence for any of it. They were just trying to find an alternative explanation for what really happened.”


“Which was?”


I asked the question tentatively wandering what I was getting myself involved in.


“It was a gang of them who took her. They forced themselves on her ... it all went wrong – much worse than they'd planned...”


Callum seemed to turn even paler, if that was possible.


“She died Joe.” He whispered horsely.


“They killed her that night.”


The words seemed to goad the big guy, who leapt forward towards Callum pushing him violently so he staggered back against the wall again.


“And you did nothing to stop them! And you were gonna let me take the blame!”

The End

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