A revelation

I told him to tell the cop what had happened.


I could have ran and got away if I'd wanted to. No one would have stopped me. Or I could have beaten up the cop who looked about as tough as any of the twelve year olds on the estate that Callum and I had grown up on.


But there had to be an end to all of this, things couldn't continue how they were.


Callum got to his feet unsteadily, helped by the cop. I couldn't believe how he still managed to look smart despite the smear of blood on the side of his face, his crumpled suit and dishevelled hair. He still somehow looked like a professional, someone people would respect and believe.


Not like me.


He looked over at me and I could see the sorrow and shame in his eyes. I took a step towards him to let him know I wasn't kidding – he had better do some fast talking now. We didn't have much time and he had a lot to try and make up for.

Who was I fooling? There was no way he would ever be able to set what had happened right. Though he could try- starting now.


He gulped, breathing shallowly. His face was chalky white and he looked like he was about to vomit.


“Joe,” He said in a shaky voice addressing the cop.


He paused as if reconsidering what to say and licked his lips nervously.


“Just go – ok Joe? Y-y-you're n-not part of this. Just leave us to sort this out.”


“What are you talking about?” His buddy answered him loudly. “I'm not leaving you. We're go together.”


He turned towards me continuing his tough guy act.


“As for you – I'm taking you in.”


Callum interrupted at that point, knowing that things were going to get messy and wanting to save his pal.


“Wait- Danny don't touch him- I'll tell it all, ok.” He gulped and ran his hands over his face.


He turned to face the cop.


“Joe, it's about that case- Lily Bolstein? I know what they did to her. I was there when it happened. All of this,” He waved his hand in my direction. “is my fault.”


He turned to face me and looked me in the eyes and spoke in a low voice.


“But even you don't know the full story yet Danny.”

The End

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