Slightly annoyed, he headed towards the head teacher’s office, dragging his feet along the polished floors of the school corridors. He pretty much knew exactly what was coming but decided to follow his teacher’s order rather than getting himself into more trouble.

Y-You wanted to see me sir?” He timidly knocked on the open door, the large male figure sitting in his chair bent forward uncomfortably looked up at him and nodded for him to enter his office.

Xavier. We, the other teachers and I, think it best you take a few days off. You see, you being around is… frightening the other students. Everyone knows that you were the last in contact with Elliott Greene, and they’re talking about you. They say you pushed him in front of a car.”

Xavier opened his mouth but couldn’t say anything. The shock was too much; he just kept opening his mouth a little every time he wanted to say another word, much like a goldfish.

Take your leave as soon as possible, Xavier. The students don’t need to be scared for their safety any longer.”

Xavier didn’t need any more encouragement; he turned on his heel and ran outside as fast as he could. He crouched down, gripping his hair and gritting his teeth. He didn’t understand why this was happening to him. He had read about similar situations: murder... No, accidental murder.

He looked up slightly when he heard advancing footsteps, seeing a pair of long, slender legs. Those, of course, could only belong to one person; His friend Elisabeth.


L-Lizzi?” As he stood his voice wavered as it became apparent to him, and Elisabeth, that there were tears gathering in his eyes.

Why’d you do it, Xavi? You know everyone loved him.” She was hurt, and Xavier could see that in her glassy eyes.

I-I didn’t --- it was an accident!”

Bullshit, Xavier! You were the only one who never accepted his sexuality, and you killed him!”

I told you it was an accident! H-He hit me first! I tried to save him!” He pleaded, desperate for his only remaining friend to understand what happened. Desperate for her not to hate him like everyone else did.

LIAR!” She slapped him, the loud sound of skin hitting skin ringing out across the empty concrete courtyard. He had seen Elisabeth mad at him, even experienced a light slap on the arm or something similar, but she had never slapped him around the face.

She looked at him, her eyes wide with shock. It seemed even she didn’t know she had it in her. She stepped backwards a few paces and turned, beginning to run.

He did the same, running past the death scene from the day before. Forensics were checking over the site, the road closed off. It was a cold day, the air thick with grey fog. He looked over the side of the bridge, his eyes not able to penetrate the fog to see the cars streaming past below. He could faintly hear the car engines but they sounded more like a chorus of the dead, groaning and calling him towards them.

He climbed up onto the barriers, chancing a look towards the forensic scene. Nobody had noticed him, they were too engrossed in the blood patterns and trajectory. Good, he could complete his next act peacefully. He raised his arms parallel to the ground, stepping onto the top barrier. The wind whipped at him, almost sending him toppling but he kept his balance.

He could almost see Elliott stepping out of the fog, beckoning him with an evil smile. He stepped forward into the unknown, closing his eyes as he tumbled. His dream suddenly became his reality, the darkness surrounded him as he met his maker.

The End

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