He awoke in a cold sweat, his sheets drenched. Breathing erratically, he wiped his forehead and feebly attempted to calm himself down. He looked through the gap between his curtains and found that it was still dark, though it felt like he should be up by now. Getting out of bed and going to the bathroom he decided on a warm shower this time.

He turned on the water and held his arm under the rush, waiting for it to get warmer.

As he stepped under the flow of water the feeling relaxed his muscles almost instantaneously.

He began to wash his body down, not caring if he scrubbed himself too hard with his wash cloth, the pain reminding him he still existed and that it wasn't him who was hit by the car.

Once he had finished with his shower he returned, dripping wet, to get a towel from his wardrobe and dress himself. He donned his school uniform and sat on his bed, staring at the clock. At that moment it ticked over to 6 am. He decided to wait another hour and then set off, as it took a while for him to walk to school.

After dragging himself through the concrete jungle he arrived at the school he liked to think of as a prison. From outside the room he could hear the chattering of the students behind the closed door, but he couldn't hear what they were talking about. Arriving to class late was at the bottom of his priorities list, so he didn't give it a second thought when the teacher scowled at him when he opened the door and stepped inside the classroom. Almost immediately the whole class turned to look at him with a look of disgust on their faces. All but one, who kept talking absent mindedly, facing away from Xavier.

"So yeah I think it's his entire fault!" When her friend tapped her shoulder to shut her up she looked over at Xavier who was staring back at the teacher.

"Xavier, the head teacher wants to see you." She spoke through her teeth, as though she couldn't stand the sight of the 'murderer'.

"But ---"

"Now, Xavier."

He sighed and turned on the spot, opening the door and stepping back into the hall way.

The End

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