A different location, a different reason, a different time of day. He was after me again and what could i have done to stop him? Once he gets an idea, an impulse in to his head there is no reasoning with him. Ever felt like your legs were about to roll off from running so fast? Dodging the road-works, the burnt out cars and shattered broken glass i sprinted down the road in the hope that i would find somewhere to hide. Forgetting that my black, real leather work shoes had no grip on the bottom i glided across the gravel whilst trying to turn the corner and sweeped across the road front on, face first. My left cheek was bleeding, i could feel it oozing down the side of my pale skin and as i tried to raise myself up, a sharp shooting pain shot up my right arm. I looked down and found a rugged, rather large piece of green glass sticking out of my palm, the blood was flowing, the pain was excruciating and my knees were aching. However i wasn't going to let this obstacle beat me, i jumped up and had to gather myself in one split second before he had time to catch up. I looked behind me and i could here his fast paced panting and his heavy footsteps, had he got me? I crawled in to a nearby ally that smelt of festering urine and other horrific odours, all i could see were these two cardboard boxes that in my mind were going to save my life. I scrambled over to them, placed them on to eachother and awaited anxiously and nervously behind them.   

The End

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