Procedure 31M6Mature

"Requesting permission to initiate synchronization sequence 31M6."

"That is a very complicated and dangerous procedure. Please state intended target for synchronization sequence"

"Unit 4/Human Unit Mike"

"You're insane!

"No I am being completely rational."

"They're irreparably fused; you can't join with a complete unit!"

"I can and I will, please let me through to talk to the supervisor"

The guard unit stared incredously before opening the line into the synchronization room. I attached to the line and started going over my calculations in my internal processer as I buzzed along, re-routing as necessary. Everything checked out. Still the weight of what I had planned out laid heavy on me and I couldn't help imagining the consequences of a failed calculation.

"Hello Unit 62 the guard unit seems to have failed to relay any information about your objective for today, please state your objective." The sound of the supervisor's "voice" echoed inside my head and I felt a sinking in the pit of my stomach as I realized just how much rested on the supervisor's support.

"To recover Unit 4/ Human Unit Mike using synchronization sequence 31M6 and to complete Unit 4's original mission."

"Do you really think that's wise Unit 62?" Alright he was open to the suggestion otherwise he would not have asked my opinion. This might just work after all.

"No sir, the mission is far too risky to attempt under normal circumstances but these are not normal circumstances. While the chances of success are small the chances of finding another specimen like Human Unit Mike are infinitesimal and if we wish to succeed in our greater objective than he must be recovered." I waited as the supervisor thought over his answer. The whole operation rested on his decision.

"You've done the calculations?" Whew. He was on board and the rest was just a formality.

"Yes I have."

"Estimate of success?"

"Unknown, this is an unprecedented procedure, but most likely no greater than fifty percent."

"Well than good luck Unit 62, know we wish you the best."  The supervisor's expression softened for a moment and then snapped back into rigid order. He turned to "face" the Units in the synchronization room and while this was not strictly necessary old organic habits die hard. "All Units clear synchronization room to make room for synchronization procedure 31M6 and Unit 62."

A conversational buzz descended on the other units as they speculated on my upcoming procedure and its outcomes. Some of them that I knew better wished me good luck on their way past me. I responded absently and waited for the room to empty completely except for Unit 4/ Human Unit Mike's vessel which remained plugged into the interface. 

I moved into the synchronization room and off of my line. While this could often be disorientating I was an old hand at free space manoeuvring and quietly floated over to Unit 4's vessel. I took a moment to take one last scan of my surroundings and to make room for any last minute regrets. I had some, I would miss my home and my companions but nothing that I hadn't been prepared for. I plugged into Unit 4/ Human Unit Mike's interface and initiated synchronization sequence 31M6.        

The End

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