I opened my lenses to the white room I had first seen after the Mystery. I was alone.

    "Bring me back! Bring me back you bastard! You fucking bastard asshole! Bring me the fuck baaaaaaack!" I was flung to the floor as Unit 04 jumped on my back.

    Then I realised, I had a back, I was in my old body again, or at least, my body in my mind. By now I knew better than to put it down to bad dope. By now, life was very different through these eyes of mine.

    "I don't know how! It... it just happened!"
    "Bull-fucking-shit! If you don't send me back right now I'm going to gut your friends, your family, everyone you ever fucking met!"
    "Get off me you crazy robot bastard!" I yelled, flinging Unit 04 across the room.

    I got up, breathing heavily and I realised I was bleeding. Was this really a fictious place shared in both mine and Unit 04's minds? I touched the wound and it stung like hell. Was it real? I looked at Unit 04 laying on the floor. He too had a body like mine, my original.

    "Just send me back, please, I beg you." Unit 04 began to sob, "This brain, this body. It's breaking my mind, I can't take it. You've got to bring me back! You have to go back!"

    I just stared. I didn't feel pity, anger, nothing. I didn't even care about going home any more. Yet watching myself, or Unit 04, whatever, sobbing on the floor of that white room like a junky after a bad trip made me numb. I walked over the the table and sat down on the chair in the corner.

    "Hello, take a seat Mr. Hawthorn. Good to see you again." I grinned.
    "Just shut the fuck up! You're Hawthorn you shit!"
    "Now, now, please take a seat Mr. Hawthorn."
    "What are you doing? Is this some kind of sick game? Some sort of crazy way to put things back the way they where? What the fuck are you doing!?"
    "Now look Mr. Hawthorn, any more outbursts like that and you may provoke the snakes, they do get so grumpy when woken up from their sleep."
    "Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!" He cried before crumpling to the floor, snakes streaming forth from his orifices as I watched, numb.
    "Are we ready now Mr. Hawthorn?"
    "Y-yes... yes. Oh God..."
    "Now, I have some questions for you, I'd like you to answer them for me."

    He just sat there, scratching at his hair, shaking and shaking.

    "I want you to guess what number I am thinking of."
    "Guess again."
    "Guess again."
    "Three-hundred and twelve?"
    "Guess again."
    The synchronisation rate! It's over 200%! how is this even possible!? I heard in my head. Wait, there aren't two of them at all, they are... I cut off the thought.

    I am Unit 04. I am Mike Hawthorn. I am Mystery. The game never ends.

The End

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