Guess AgainMature

Mike Hawthorne, drug abuser, find that a new drug on the street called Mystery is something more than he ever expected.

"Guess again."

I rubbed my eyes, trying to grasp on to the sound of the voice.

    "Guess again."

Foggily, my mind tried to remember where I had left off and as the dancing colours in my eyes faded, I realised that I was still playing the game.


* * * * *

Thinking of it now, it doesn't really make much sense. Hell, in retrospect, every decision you make seems stupid, naïve, badly thought out. The past is easy to criticise, it doesn't change anything if you laugh at it or kick it when it's down. You can tear it apart and you wont change a thing. So, I'll spare you my regrets and ruminations of the past. If there is one thing the past can do, it can change the future, so just listen to what I have to say.

* * * * *

It was one of those horrible days, the kind where you know you should be working, but you just can't. Grey skies, brooding clouds, damp, heavy air weighing you down, you know.

    Well, I was just sitting back, chilling out in my ancient 1950's renovated apartment and lo and behold, a ring of the doorbell. I shifted with a grunt, knocking over a mouldering pile of electronics magazines, obscuring the retro yellow and brown swirls of the carpet. Probably a good thing really. A couple of masculine scratches and a beer later and I was down stairs, answering the door. I wasn't surprised to see it was Toni.

    You see, Toni is one of those guys that those kind of days don't effect. You know what I'm talking about, those overly-cheerful, optimistic, energetic people. Now, don't let me fool you into thinking I didn't like him, he was a mate, it's just that people like him and people like me really don't mix well on grey days. I still don't know why he insists on spelling his name with an 'i' instead of a 'y', even though it makes it seem feminine. He probably does it to annoy me, the bastard.

    "Mike! Mike! Let me in, you gotta see this!"
    "Toni, look, you know I don't do," I looked at the date on my watch, "Tuesdays, especially when they are like this." I moaned, gesturing towards the sky, not that he could see me, the door was remaining firmly closed.
    "Aw, come on Mike, you know me, I'm Toni, the man with the plan." When he did that I just knew he was doing his little dance he does outside my door, the one that makes him looks like he is constipated and diarrhetic at the same time. "You know I'll cheer you up. Besides, once you see this, you'll be too flabbergasted to be moody."
    "You're not going to go away are you?" I groaned and watched Toni's head shaking through the mottled glass of the front door. "Fine, come in."

    I unlocked the front door and Toni, that fucking scouser, all happy and bouncy made his way in and upstairs to the living room. Shaking my head, I clambered back up the stairs to see what all this fuss was about. Toni was sitting on the couch, figgiting and rubbing his legs. I gave him a raised eyebrow.

    "If this is the result of what you wanted to show me, I'm staying the fuck away from it. You look like you're tripping on speed."
    "Oi! Oi! This is better than speed mate, its some crazy new shit called Mystery. They say its like you're living a whole 'nother life in your head and pop! your mind flips and you're back to reality like it never happened."
    I looked at him dubiously. "Yeah, sure. No side-effects huh?"
    "What? Nah mate, what, you mean me?" Toni looked at himself, or tried, going cross-eyed. "Nah, I'm fine, just dropped a fast one, if you get me."
    "You want to try this Mystery shit whilst your buzzing? Fuck man. Look just get the fuck out and take your damned Mystery with you. I'm not in the mood for this shit, and I'm certainly not in the mood for having to explain your overdosed corpse to the police and the landlord. Now piss off!"

    I got up, ready to sling him out, when he raised his hands and gave me a nod.

    "Okay, fine, fine, I'm good, good, good-like. Look mate, I'll leave you one and you can do what you like, alright? I'll see myself off."

    I just stared at him as he walked down the stairs and I listened out for the door slamming shut. When the familiar noise sounded up the stairs I fell back into the couch and grabbed my head. Why the hell do I put up with that dumbass crackhead? Hell, I knew why. Toni, that fucking 'i' pisses me off, was a complete light-weight. When me and the boys, Jason and Benny were dropping something, we had Toni along for laughs. He was a fucking shite, but we all laughed when he was fucked up right out of his head. He couldn't handle anything for all his scouser hard-man act. Just him suggesting he try some new drug while buzzing was ludicrous, hell, he was probably lying about his 'speed' trip just to be cool. At least it gave me an excuse to get rid of him. Even though, he was still a mate, even a dumbass one I kept around for laughing at, like a pet really. That's funny.

    The thought made me laugh and I slumped back into the couch, my eyes watching the world fly upwards till the coffee table reached eye-level and I was left staring at a single blueish pill. A Mystery, oooooh. I rolled my eyes. Mystery my ass, probably paracetamol, Toni didn't know shit. Curious, I took out my pocket knife and cut through the pill, expecting the blue candy coating to fall away exposing aspirin or chocolate. I was pleasantly surprised when the pill sliced in half and gleamed like two smoky topaz jewels. I was interested now, but I wasn't stupid enough to pop something without knowing what it was. I decided to up phone Jason.

The End

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