Prologue: RevelationMature

Darkness rises once again and evil tightens its grip suffocating the land. Corruption and temptation spreads like a virus causing a great depression and all hope seems to be lost. The legendary Kingdom of Etheria struggles for power and the clans created by the divine Etherians are dying off when The Umbra Clan seeks to take over. And as the world plummets into the abyss only one thing is made clear...war is coming. And as the remaining clans struggle to survive in a world corrupted by war and o

"You either die the hero or you live long enough to see yourslef become the villain" -The Dark Knight 

The sun was falling now; falling to the will of the moon as the world around them became a bright orange...twilight surrounded the guardians as they remained in hiding. Stalking the secret mansion from a cave in the side of a mountain in the distance. The silence overwhelming as each guardian was engaged in an intense battle of thought. The tension was thick in the air as the pitter patter of water disturbed the silence every few minutes. Among these warriors...was a young female named Neon...her crystalline blue eyes wandering over the structure below as she leaned up against the mouth of the cave. Damon, who was sitting on the ground with his back to the wall, broke the silence.

"This sucks, we should be down there in action...if the Intel is right, Providence is down long before he decides to leave and bring hellfire down on another land? We need to stop" The wolf complained, the others glancing at him and exchanging looks. Neon spoke next...her voice filled with deadly poison.

"Coward...walled up in his fortress like it's a tomb..." She grumbled, Pacing back and fourth in an attempt to calm herself and keep her paws busy. A feral growl erupted in her chest as the fur along her back stuck up. Ra'uf rolled his eyes and walked into the center of the cave, gaining the attention of the others.

"You all know the plan...wait for the cover of night before we take the castle. This is providence we are dealing with so chances are when he had it built by the Terra Clan he included several traps-"

"We both know that’s bullshit." Damon interrupted. "’The cover of night.’ Seriously? This is not some corrupt snitch or a enemy patrol. This is Providence...THE Providence, master strategist, charismatic revolutionist, fucking warlord for Veelah's sake. You honestly think that moving in the cover of night is going to change anything? Is that the best plan you could come up with?" Damon ranted, rubbing his paws into his muzzle in irritation.

"Our ground forces cannot advance beyond his border. And you know what he can do to our fellow guardians, unable to defend their minds from his impulse." Ra'uf explained firmly. Damon threw his tail up erratically in protest.

"Oh, great. So the great plan is to infiltrate the most dangerous Lira known to us in the...'cover of night.' It's too simple, that is exactly what he will be expecting! I say we burn the damn place down." He argued, turning his attention to Neon who simply remained silent as she watched the mansion carefully as he walked in place...  "Your specialty is fire after is Ra'uf. How about you two burn the place down?" Damon asked humorously. She did not respond.

"We only need a small window of attack; our combined magic should dispose of him." Ra'uf continued abruptly. Giving Damon a stern look as the canine rolled his eyes.

"I'll take that as a no then..." He mumbled under his breath, licking his paw calmly as he sighed heavily. "And what if the elements don't?" Damon asked skeptically.

"Why would they fail?" Their mentor replied. Damon chuckled and shook his head.

"Hypothetically speaking." The young wolf shot back, staring Ra'uf in the eye.

"Well...hypothetically speaking. We are prepared just in case."

"Nothing can prepare us for what’s to come..." Damon mumbled, turning his gaze away rebelliously. There was a growl as heavy footsteps marched through the cave as Ra'uf stomped over to the wolf and reached down, grabbing him by the scruff of the neck and throwing him onto his back and standing over him snarling. Damon gasped frantically and instantly pressed his paws into his soft underbelly and growled back at him.

"You’re trying my patience pup! You think this isn't hard for me as well? You think I want to sit up here knowing that the one behind those walls is responsible for the death of so many of my friends...of your friends? Believe me...if it where up to me...I’d be down there right now unleashing hell upon them...but we have our orders. Julius Isn't here to give us brilliant plans and battle strategies. He is not here to give us a solution like he always did, he is-"

"He's dead..." Neon cut off...her bright eyes moistening in their sockets as the words slipped from her maw like sandpaper. Her canine ears quickly lowered atop her head as she trembled. Damon did the same...his head lowered, swallowing the lump in his throat as Ra'uf's expression softened.

"Yeah..." He whispered...letting Damon go and looking at the other Guardians who still remained silent, their expressions also becoming empty at the mention of their fallen friend. Neon could feel a tang in her heart as tears begin to stream down her furry cheeks as the female remained strong and silent. Going through the memories of her past.

Years of hardship, bloody battles, and loss was all leading up to this. In mere moments...they would be met with the greatest challenge they had ever faced. Bringing down the one known as Providence and avenging their fallen guardians...Providence appeared little over four years ago. A masked Lira leading a rebellion and claiming to free this world from the chains it found itself in. The self proclaimed messiah...and yet. All he did was lie, cheat, and murder all those who where in his way. And despite this...he was still worshiped by almost everyone around the world. I was strange...but then again. Despite Providence's unorthodox methods. He truly did free the oppressed and protected the weak. Much like the Guardians did.

But he was far more ruthless and showed no mercy when it came to liberating the oppressed. Which was impressive...he lived by the philosophy 'The ends justify the means.' And had no problem sacrificing the life of innocents for the greater good. Something that Neon completely agreed with...but at this moment. She had very little concern about 'the right thing.' No...she wanted revenge...plain and simple. At this point, the only thing she wanted was to feel the life slowly leave Providence's lifeless body as she wrapped her fangs around his throat and ripped it clean from his neck.

"It was my fault...i let him die...i should have protected him." Damon mentioned pitifully, invoking a painful reaction from Neon. 

"Don't...just...don't." She muttered, clenching her arm and growling angrily.

"He was my responsibility Neon...and mine alone. I promised i would look after him...and yet-"

"SHUT UP!" She snarled furiously, swinging her head around and staring Damon in the eye...her ice cold orbs focusing on his golden ones. "Just shut up...he is dead, gone. And never coming back." She began, her lip curling back in anger as she took steps closer to the canine. His expression became morbid.

"...Neon..." He whispered in a concerned tone. His eyes becoming soft as he opened his maw to say more.

"No! I'm sick of you all acting like he was only something to you! Stop acting like it's all your fault, he was a friend too all of us! He made his choice, and I’m sure he does not want us moping around living in regret for the rest of our lives. He would want us to go down there and kill that son of a bitch!" She hissed. Her words thick with passion and poison as her ice cold glare became soft...truth was. Behind all the talk and chest puff show...she was hurting more than any of them...Darsha may have been a friend to them...but he was more than a friend to her. And with that in mind something in her changed that moment...something snapped. She could feel something within her burning hotter than fire...and as everyone in the cave stared at her in disbelief and shock she simply shook her head. "Stay here and do what you is the day...everything changes. And I will not stand by while the one who took him away is sitting down hell with the plan." She explained bitterly, quickly turning her back to the rest of them and closing her eyes.

"Neon!" Damon shouted.

"No, wait!" Ra'uf growled as he moved forward to grab her. 

It was too late...the second they attempted to stop her she had already taken off in a full sprint. Powerful legs carried her forward as a heavy heart weighed within her chest. When she reached the edge of the cave, she planted her feet firmly upon the edge, and with all her might launched herself off. Flinging her body into the air as she focused all her energy into her legs...feeling the heat emanate from her very being as she descended upon the mansion as high speeds. Soon there was fire...flames that reflected her soul engulfed her legs. Blue fire becoming hotter and hotter and she came down like a meteorite. Landing on the roof of the mansion, the impact was brutal. The second her paws came into contact with the cement and wood, it instantly crumbled and shattered beneath her as if it were glass.

She dropped through the roof. Disregarding her dramatic entrance, there was a moment of blindness as dust and rubble floated all around her. The female’s eyes snapped open at the sound of...something in the distance? Ears would swiveled atop her head as ice cold eyes flicked from side to side, scanning her current environment as pieces of drywall fell from the now faltering ceiling. And as the dust began to clear she rolled onto her paws and lowered his neck as her hackles raised and she growled... Her eyes firm and body posed ready for her vision was suddenly cleared the first thing she fell witness too was not a trap waiting for her...not guards of soldiers prepared and surrounding a large empty room with dead bodies decorating the ivory floor...Neon froze up...frantically looking around her as several Lira were splayed along the ground as blood poisoned the air. Tigers...wolves, lions, lynx's, cheetahs, coyotes...she could identify them the kings royal guard. Providences...royal guard. What the hell had happened here? These bodies were fresh...not more than a few hours old...and there were no traces of 'who' killed them.

"Forgive the mess...wasn't aware i'd be having company." a voice called out...Neon's eyes went wide as she turned around to see...him. It was had to be. The wolf outfitted in ebony and gold armor that covered most of his body and a helmet that masked his face. Her heart throbbed violently within her chest in fear...anticipation...she could not recall the emotions zipping through her like volts of electricity.

"Providence!" She hissed. Clenching her teeth together as her brain pulsated within her skull as if it where her very heartbeat. She gritted her teeth and slowly advancing on him as he merely stared at her in amusement. The uncomfortable feeling within the back of her skull intensifying. The very sight of him made her body go much hate did she really hold for him? And as she got ever so closer to her target Neon inhaled the scents around her...baring her teeth and releasing a feral growl she snapped. 

"PROVIDENCE!" She shouted at him...The male slowly tilting his head and scoffing a chuckle as he stood there calmly...and shrugged. 

"Haaaaaaai." He called to her humorlessly, clearly not taking her very seriously. 

"Silence you scum!" She spat at him. Providence continued to stand there for a long moment before adjusting himself into a seated position, wrapping his tail neatly around his paws. Neon narrowed her eyes as her breath slowed. Her muscles tensed as she prepared to rush him...and just as she was going to...her spoke.

"Neon've become quite the inconvenience for me. Not to mention you’re early... I'm beginning to wonder why the Guardians let the pups out of their pin to bother the adults." He boasted confidently as he laughed. Neon could feel the heat turn into steam above her head in pure fury. 

"DON'T YOU DARE MOCK ME!" She roared furiously. Providence merely chuckled and shrugged it off.

" Funny how you say that as if i'm actually just going to stop or something.." He told her, tilting his head and sighing. "So...I can only assume you are here to stop me...or in your case kill me given that look in your eye...that being said, i think it's only fair to let you know that nothing can stop this...not even you..." The masked wolf lectured, taking steps towards her as he continued. "I told you and your guardians once before. I will deliver this world to the golden any means necessary. If you continue to be an obstacle to me then I will be forced to remove you...permanently." He warned, his words sending chills down her spine.

Neon shook her head violently and bared her pearly white fangs as she snarled. "Even if that means destroying everything!? They call you the great uniter and yet all you do is destroy! You make others take all the blame for doing your dirty work while you hide in the shadows. You’re just a arrogant coward, that’s your nature! The real you! How many people will you sacrifice for what you call peace? How many lives will you destroy to achieve this goal!?" She barked at him, feeling her legs grow weak underneath her. As the memories of Julius flooded her mind she felt a mixture of overwhelming fury and crippling sorrow..."You’re becoming the very thing you’re trying to fight!" She sneered angrily. Providence stared at her...or at least in her direction and remained silent for a long moment. 

"That’s true...ever since i started this fight...I thought i could truly protect those with no weapons to wield...but down the path, i have slowly been becoming twisted by the very thing I despised..." He mumbled as his gaze averted to the floor. "I've become the very monster i've hunted for years...and now that i've become the beast. Every fairy tail needs a good old fashion villain." Providence explained, never missing a beat and speaking with such charismatic gusto it made Neon want to end him even more than what she already did. But there was only one thing keeping her from doing so. All she could hear was his voice...telling her to lower her blade and forgive him. That calm soothing voice that served as a type of conscious...Julius's voice. Yes. Her love was the only thing keeping her in control at the moment.

"So that’s it...all of this...because you couldn't just stay true to your moral code!? You killed Julius...for nothing." Neon took a step forward as tears began to stream down her furry cheeks. Her face turning red with emotion. Providence simply stood there watching as she advanced closer and closer to him. The bodies that decorated the floor now becoming less apparent as they continued. 

"The death of Julius was necessary for the plan. With his death, the Guardians and those who loved him now resist me with a burning hatred in their hearts. Hate is necessary for the plan. All thanks to him. So wallow in self pity when you have the time for it. The world is destined to descend into greater chaos. I have acquired the power to change everything..." He declared. His shoulders jumping up and down as he began to chuckle ...Neon felt something inside of her falter...before she could even comprehend what she was doing, Neon found herself charging the male...flying across the small distance that was between them in mere seconds as she tackled him. The force of the impact knocking him over onto his back as she climbed on top of him and pressed a paw into his throat and sneered at him. 

"No!" She screamed. "Your hopeless, I know you! In the end you'd betray the entire world just like it betrayed you! I'm not going to let your sick twisted dream be realized! Your existence in a mistake, you need to be erased from the face of the earth!" She shouted, opening her jaws and wrapping them around his neck as she began to bite into him. However...just as she prepared to snap his worthless neck, she felt pressure in her soft underbelly as she was forced off her paws...flung into the air as he kicked into her. Air escaped her lungs as he suddenly rolled, pinning her onto the ground on her aside and baring his own fangs as her bones began to quake in if they were suddenly going to snap under some invisible pressure as he stared into her icy cold eyes with his violet ones. 

The world around her grew fuzzy, as if the very life was being pulled out of her. She watched as he stumbled off of her as pain continued to wrack her body. What sorcery was this? Fear clouded her thoughts...she struggled and tried to break free of the invisible force holding her down. And as she tried to summon her unleash the fire within her but all she got was steam emanating from her paws. 'What did he do to me!?' she thought to herself. Providence merely regaining his posture and taking a seat beside her as she shivered at the sight of him.

"Who are you to deny my existence?" He asked blankly. "What I have is not a dream...because I will make it a reality...I, am providence. The one who will destroy the world, and recreate it in my own vision anew. Anyone who stands in the way of that dream...will perish." He elucidated calmly, taking a paw and tilting her muzzle upwards as he took a deep breath. Tears streamed down her cheeks now as her expression softened. "We are all the same in the end." He whispered faintly. Neon scoffed painfully. 

" nothing like you...and...and even...if we are the same. I can't accept it...i...can't. And I won’t!" She murmured, feeling her body quiver as the pain intensified. Her will to live begin to wither as she sat there on her side...accepting the fact that in the next few moments...she would be joining Julius in Paradise. She could see Providence's body tighten in what she assumed as anger as he shook his head...or maybe hesitation.

"’Not the same.’...coming from you. You, who have taken just as many lives as me in pursuit of what you call justice. How can you possibly judge me when you are the same as me? It's foolish." He replied with a hint of true emotion in his voice. Neon smiled weakly and closed her eyes. “Let me ask last question." He told her, looking up at the hole she had created in the ceiling. When there is an evil that can’t be defeated with justice, what will you do? What do you do when there is an evil you cannot overcome by just means? Do you stain your hands with evil to destroy evil? Or do you remain steadfastly just and righteous even if it means surrendering to evil? Because either way…evil remains." He asked her genuinely. Her tail flicked with amusement as a faint smile spread across her muzzle…a paradox. Was it merely wordplay…or…something else?

"I choose...justice." Neon murmured with the last remaining ounces of her strength.

"I see...well in my case…I would commit evil, in order to destroy the greater evil.” He responded with an assuring tone.

"I don't care what dark paths you have will fail." She whispered. Providence's shoulders became tight as he shook his head in disapproval.

"Then there is no hope for you." He whispered, slowly the force that was crushing her body worked its way to her neck...squeezing the life out of her And as he did...all the woman could do as accept this fate. It was her time now...she couldn't wait any longer. She was ready to go. Closing her eyes, relaxing her muscles. She spoke her final words. 

"Live...or die...on this day." Neon breathed...and with that. There was darkness. 

The End

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