36.2: Fall Apart

“Rogues…” Josef muttered.

“Here!? Of all places!?” Keith panicked, “What could they possibly want in Leve!?”

“Where’s Grandma!?” Wyatt’s eyes darted around, hoping to find his beloved grandmother.

“We’ll find her, Wyatt. Everyone! Get the refugees out of here safely!”

The Guardians scrambled into the mass of civilians. They did their best to round them up while we searched the mob for Mrs. Sands.

“Grandma!” Wyatt charged in. “Where are you!?”

“Wyatt!? Elijah!?”

We turned around to see Mrs. Sands, perfectly healthy, wriggling out of a group of frightened refugees. Wyatt and I both held out a sigh of relief.

“Grandma! You had me worried for a second.”

“And you two had me worried!” she scolded us. “Now let’s get out of here before—”

“Mrs. Sands! Watch out!”

It happened in less than a second. I saw it coming. I saw the green mass of energy flying towards her. But it was too late. It was already inches away from her. She never would’ve got out of the way in time.

Mrs. Sands collapsed.

Wyatt tried to run to her side, but I held him back when I saw another Essence Burst flying his way.

“Wyatt! Stop! It’s not safe! Let me get her to Melodie!”

“Grandma! She can’t die, Elijah! She’s all I have!”

“We won’t let her die! She’s going to be fine! You need to go now!”

Tears were flooding his eyes, and he let out a ear-shattering scream. It took all of my strength to hold him back.

“Wyatt! There’s no reason to risk your life for this! Please listen to me!”

“I won’t let her die out here!”

“She won’t! You have to trust me!”

Wyatt’s pupils were dilated, his breaths rapid and constricted. Finally, he stopped trying to pull me up, but was overwhelmed with fear, “B-bring her back to me.”

“Just get out of Leve safely. I’ll bring your grandmother to Melodie and she’ll be up again in no time. As a Guardian, it’s my duty.”

“Okay,” Wyatt whimpered. “I trust you. Stay strong, Elijah.”

And just like that, he dashed away, and I had a new mission. For Wyatt, I would reunite him with his grandmother at all costs.


The End

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